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5 Things I Love About Being A Mother

5 Things I Love About Being A Mother…

1. Elfie’s Laugh. It is better than any music I’ve ever heard, a tinkly little noise. It makes me so happy.

2. Watching her grow. it’s amazing to step back every so often and think, I made this person.

3. Baby clothes. It’s almost as much fun shopping for Elfie as it is shopping for myself. Almost.

4. Cuddles. She’s never been a particularly cuddly baby so every time I get a hug from her it feels so special. Nothing smells better than the top of her head.

5. Being her Mama. It’s the best feeling in the world.


…And 5 Things I Don’t

1. Pregnancy. It’s a beautiful, wonderful gift of nature… after you’ve given birth. When you’re in the midst of pregnancy it’s all swollen feet, heartburn, piles, veiny boobs and hormones.

2. Temper tantrums. This is a new part of toddlerhood that we’ve been gifted with recently. It’s not fun.

3. Watching her grow. Looking back on photographs of her makes me realise how fast time is going; she isn’t a baby anymore and very soon she will be a little girl. SOB.

4. The relentlessness of it all. Cooking, cleaning, working, cooking, cleaning, cooking, cleaning, cleaning. It’s a never-ending domestic carousel. And sometimes it would be nice to get off for a while.

5. The sleep issue. I need way more sleep but I can’t get it. Ironically, when I’m away from Elfie and able to have a lie-in I wake early in the morning desperate to get back to her. The only time I can lie in is if she’s with her Daddy in the next room.


Would I recommend motherhood? Absolutely.

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