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5 Small Home Improvements in 5 Weeks
A Week In Our New House

It hit me today that we’ve been in our new house 5 weeks. That’s FIVE WEEKS! Five weeks we’ve enjoyed more space, more character and the odd weird bump in the night (it’s an old house! It happens!).

Obviously, moving house costs a lot of money. Like, a lot of money. Once you’ve spent everything you have on things like removal men (you can do it yourself but this was essential for me), deposits and the odd essential item that your new house doesn’t have – I completely disregarded the fact our new digs didn’t come with an in-built microwave like the last and so had to splash out on one – you won’t have much spare cash.

But it’s important you still make your home feel like home, so here are a few inexpensive ways I created harmony in our new house.

A Week In Our New House

Put Up Lampshades
Why do so many houses not come with lampshades – or good lampshades, at that?

I bought new lampshades for each of our rooms and it’s really warmed up the house for me. Amazon are surprisingly good for solid-value lampshades (we went all-out in the dining room and got feather ones ), otherwise try good old IKEA, who always have a solid range.

Get Your Tech Set-Up
We can’t be the only house moving family that prioritises the telly being set up on moving day! Luckily, I’m quite good at my tech, and I was able to get that sorted pretty sharpish, but it was important to us to get the rest of our home sorted as we like it. The Nest, which I got from Heating and Plumbing World, was up and running on the very first day: ditto each of our Google Home devices. A tech-specc’d house is one that feels homely to me!

Apply Wall Decals
We’re renting, so can’t put up wallpaper willy nilly or paint walls with abandon. Not to worry: Wall Decals are a great way of temporarily changing the look and feel of a room. Again, Amazon are good for these and it’s where I sourced them for the kids’ rooms, but try custom decals too (my ‘Slay’ in the office came from a local company called Nutmeg).

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Found a Gardener
Our house has a lovely big garden, but unfortunately, my fingers are not green at all (in fact, looking at my nail varnish right now, they’re red). So one of the first things I did was set out to find a good Gardener.

I asked around the school mums and JACKPOT! Three of them recommended the exact same guy. He’s come twice and has been absolutely fantastic so far, well worth the money I’ve been paying.

Hang Art
This appears to be the year at long last that I’ve finally got the hang of hammering picturehooks into the walls without taking massive chunks out of plaster. My dad lent me an amazing tool that you scan across the wall for this purpose; it beeps and flashes if it detects wires or pipes, saving you from scary accidents. Genius!!

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