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VIDEO: The 5 Minute Makeover With Boutique By Sainsbury’s

VIDEO: The 5 Minute Makeover With Boutique By Sainsbury’s

I might be a beauty person, but I am NOT a make-up person. Believe me, there’s been many the disaster at my bedroom mirror involving a tube of liquid eyeliner, a YouTube video and the notion of a ‘winged eye’. I just don’t have the time or the patience for it.

I’m trying to work on my aversion to slap, after all, at the age of 30 it’s about time I learned how to do myself up nicely. I’m getting there, I’ve already found a foundation I love that doesn’t make me feel like I’ve troweled it on (Dr Perricone’s No Foundation Foundationreviewed here!) so if nothing else I have my base sorted.

So when I was invited recently to spend the morning with Jo Saville and Sophia Price, Make-Up Artists and Creative Consultants for Boutique By Sainsbury’s (their in-house Make-Up line), I said a big YES PLEASE. Finally! My chance to learn how to apply make-up without feeling like an extra in Geordie Shore or getting lipstick on my chin.

Jo and Sophia are both established Make-Up Artists with long pedigrees in the Make-Up industry, and chatting to them about the work they’ve done with Sainsbury’s to create this premium yet pocket-friendly was such a huge pleasure. They were in charge at every step of the process and are understandably proud of their wonderful products that combines high pigmentation, easy application and brilliant staying power. They really know their stuff and worked their magic on me to create my favourite look when I have make-up on: looking like me, but better. Not a whiff of blue eyeshadow or skyscraper false eyelashes – excellent.

And I even learned a bit more about my nemesis, contouring!

We worked together to create a video that I hope will be useful to not just me but loads of mums who just want to look human in the 5 minutes they have to put make-up on in the morning. And not just human, here: pretty lovely.

I’ve been using Boutique’s products ever since I met Sophia and Jo last month and genuinely love them. I even popped over to my local Sainsbo’s recently to pick up a couple more lipsticks – Paint The Town Red is a firm fave – and can vouch for the fact they are simple to use and really do have staying power.

It’s kind of amazing to have a video tutorial to refer to when putting make-up on that features your own face, and this look really is simple enough that even a novice like me can re-create it. Thank you to Jo and Sophia for making me that little bit less scared of make-up, and props to Sainsbury’s for these hard-working, affordable products. Let me know if you pick any up in-store!

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