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5 Interior Design Trends Predicted for 2019

Pasted Pastel Kitchens

While we’ve all been experimenting with pastels in the living room and bedroom with throws, cushions, décor and paint, Houzz predicts pastel is going to make its way into the kitchen in 2019. If baby blues and pinks aren’t your thing, you might prefer lemon yellow, light oranges or pastel sea greens to add a touch of 2019 colour to your benchtop. You may also experiment with soft greys, which can really complement any stainless steel appliances. If going all out with pastel walls is too much for you, try adding some home décor for little pops of trendy pastels in the kitchen instead.

Be Bold and Live Now

Dulux have their own colour predictions for 2019, and while they agree that pastels are going to get even bigger this year, they’re also predicting bright colours and rich textures. “We join the brave and confident non-conformists, reject labels that don’t fit, shed our conventional camouflage and take on a more flexible view of the world with fun, spirited energy and spontaneity.” Dulux says of their new colour palette. Interiors in 2019 are all about pairing unusual shades, taking risks and enjoying living in the moment.

Floral is Coming Back

While florals have always been a big trend throughout the years, recently they have somewhat diminished and have been relegated to granny homes, with dated wallpaper, curtains and sheets. Now it’s time for the old floral print to make a glorious comeback. You’re likely to see florals in pastel shades adorn curtains, bedspreads and of course bedroom wallpaper once again. According to Erin Gates of Erin Gates Design in conversation with Elle Decor, “The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use.”

Art Deco Décor

Art deco paired with mid-century modern, like floral prints is making a comeback this year. Many believe 2019 is the year of art deco, as it has been gaining momentum over the past few years and it’s high time it took centre stage. As one of the most opulent periods in interior design history, features of the art deco style have been popping up recently on tables, chairs, mixed metals (think glamourous pastels paired with brass) and of course lighting. Of course, everyone loves a touch a glamour so it’s no surprise this trend is making a serious comeback.

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2019 the Year of the Kitchen and Bathroom

In 2019 it’s going to be all about the kitchen and bathroom. The living rooms and bedrooms are no longer the focus of every interior lover’s heart. Instead, the kitchen takes centre stage with the bathroom coming a close second. According to Victoria Redshaw, a Futurist at trend forecasting agency Scarlet Opus, who spoke at this year’s Décor + Design Show in Melbourne big changes in kitchen design are coming. While of course pastel kitchens reign, the colours will be featured on recycled, sustainable and ultra-hygienic materials in improved layouts that foster social and family relationships. We also expect to see an abundance of living produce grown in the kitchen in small scale indoor farming units. So expect living plants among your floral, pastel prints.



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