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4 Ways To Make Holidays a Breeze
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If you’re going on holiday with me, you’re in luck. I am THE most organized, on-it, prepared holiday companion on the planet.

No joke. There will not be a TripAdvisor review that goes left unread, a restaurant that goes left unresearched, a tourist attraction that goes undiscovered, a list that goes unticked. I am THERE with all the holiday pre-preparation: if we’re getting on a plane together you just know your trip will be planned down to the nth degree.

The thing is, I always think that if I’m spending my money – plus at least a weekend of my time – then it’s going to be the best money, the best weekend of my life, ever spent. Why would I risk something going wrong when, unlike ‘normal’ time at home, I can’t re-do it. It just makes sense!

So to that end, I dispense here the best holiday advice I have. Read it and know you’re going to have an absolutely unrivalled trip, wherever it is you’re going.

flip flops

Pack Multiples of the Essentials
You don’t want to lose your sunglasses (speaking as someone who has indeed dropped their sunglasses into a lake on an American golf course – these Oakley golf sunglasses are available from Function 18), or realise you’ve left your only pair of flip flops at the beach. So take multiples of whatever you can!

Research Your Hotels – and Their Prices
The discrepancy you’ll find in the prices of some hotels is absolutely bananas: sometimes hundreds and hundreds of pounds between them. Make sure you look at a couple of different websites to find the best-value possible, as well as the absolute Mecca of price-comparison travel websites, TriVaGo.

It’s also a great idea to book a rate that has a cancellation policy. Once, I booked a hotel in New York and found it on the same exact website £300 cheaper the week before I was departing. I cancelled my room and re-booked, saving myself 20%. I felt like a holiday winner!

Check Out Your Aircraft
It’s pretty easy to find out the aircraft you’ll be flying on: just google your flight number and you’ll be given a heap of historical information about the flight you’re about to take.

Then, use SeatGuru to look up your aircraft: here, there are tons of reviews of all different kinds of aircraft. You’ll be able to use these to pick the comfiest seat.

Don’t Forget Your Hangers
As a chronic over-packer (did you expect anything else, really?!), I’ve recently started taking my own hangers on holiday with me and it has revolutionized my hotel hanging situation. In days gone by I’d ALWAYS be calling housekeeping to request 2 or 3 or 10 extra hangers, but now I take my own I don’t have to. It is fantastic and so so worth the extra packing space.

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I’ve also recently learned the magic of taking on holiday a 4-way plug extender. This way, you need only ONE travel plug adaptor, and you can then plug the rest of your electric bits and bobs into this. Bloody mind-blowing.


What are your travel tips?


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