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4 Ways for Effective Onboarding of Employees

4 Ways for Effective Onboarding of Employees

The onboarding process is a crucial component that we can greatly overlook. Every business needs an efficient onboarding process to guarantee that the employee is able to hit the ground running but it also gives them time to understand what your business is about. How can you onboard employees effectively?

Do Not Skip Any Steps 

You might think that it’s pointless to be present when they are filling out forms and getting their ID sorted, but we must remember that each little component is crucial to the onboarding process as it gives the employee the time to ingratiate themselves with the business. This means we have to focus on each little aspect as much as we would the big ones. When you are running a small business, it’s so easy to skip the admin, but it’s the ideal opportunity to bring your employees into the business slowly and carefully. When small businesses are doing it all themselves, such as printing ID cards, it’s simple enough to get a Badgy printer that prints ID cards and go through all the little admin steps with the employee. It is so easy to leave them to fill out the forms by themselves but the little steps are so easy to skip but are pivotal to the employee. 

Giving Them Space to Acclimatise 

When we are on the lookout for an ideal employee, we spend so long finding the perfect fit, we now need to give them the opportunity to get used to their responsibilities. In addition, we need to give them a full orientation, and this means preparing everybody else in the team effectively. When there are looming deadlines, you don’t want your employee to jump in and feel that they are under pressure straight away. They won’t feel prepared, this is why giving them space, and allowing two weeks for a full orientation will give them the ideal opportunity to slowly become acclimatised with what is going on. It will also work in your favour because you are showing them that you are thoughtful. 

Integrating the New Employee
Sometimes, the onboarding process can seem very rigid. We show them where things are and what they need to do, and then we let and get on with it. But this is a very poor way for them to build any sense of confidence. Giving them the opportunity to achieve something in the first day or so will do wonders for their morale. 

Focus on the Learning Curve 

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Many businesses give the employee six months to show their worth, but the six months are full of pressure. Instead, mapping out the learning curve and providing benchmarks gives them the focus to tackle each task effectively. In addition, you could assign a mentor for each stage, as well as ensuring that you are operating with an open door policy. Allowing your employees the ability to master the skills is one thing, but using mentors will also help them to feel like they belong in the business.

The onboarding process doesn’t have to be a box-ticking exercise. When done right, it can fill the employee with confidence, even if they are working at home


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