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4 things you need in order to train your new puppy

4 things you need in order to train your new puppy

puppy training

You have a new puppy, congratulations! This is an exciting time where you and your new furry friend will get to spend some quality time together teaching them how to be a good puppy. From teaching them to go outside for a wee to helping them learn how to sit and roll over, there are many things you can train your dog to do – as long as you have the right tools.

In this guide, we’ve featured some key things you need to train your new puppy.

puppy training


The first thing you should invest in is some tasty training treats. The best way to train your dog is to reward their good behaviour, this is called positive reinforcement. If, for example, they go for a wee outside, praise them and tell them they’ve been good. It’s at this point you should also give them a treat. Keep doing this and over time they will understand that the key to getting treats is by being good.

Toilet training tools

Toilet training is one of the hardest things to teach your puppy and it’s because you need to be persistent with it. Accidents will happen, but there are some things to make it easier. One of the first things to do is keep letting your dog outside every 15-20 minutes and let them run around. If they have a wee, praise and reward them with a treat. Keep putting them outside before they have time to do a wee and they’ll soon learn that going to the toilet outside has its benefit.

If you don’t have access to a garden, you should look at a way to toilet train your puppy inside. This can be done using training pads. These highly-absorbent pads feature an attractant that draws the puppy to them.

A crate and toys

Crates are great for giving your puppy their own space. The best way to get your puppy to stay in their crate is to fill it with all of their favorite things. Ensure there is a comfy bed and bedding inside along with some fun toys they can play with – they’ll learn that it’s a safe space. Ensure the puppy has enough space to stand up, but don’t go for one which is so big that it wants to curl up in the corner.

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Harness and lead

Something people often forget that needs to be taught is how to walk on a lead. There are many distractions outside including wildlife and other dogs, so you need to be prepared that they may pull. This is why a harness is a great option as it won’t pull on their neck. To train your puppy, hold the lead in your left hand and some treats in the right hand.

Use these to lure your dog to your right-hand side, so you’re both facing the same direction – give them a treat. Let them sniff the treats and then raise them up while giving a signal such as “let’s go” (this signal needs to be kept the same, so choose one which you’re comfortable with).

Take a step or two and then give your puppy another treat for following. Repeat this, adding an extra step each time, if they start to wander or pull on their lead, standstill and lure them back with treats.

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