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4 Smart Home Transitions You Can Make Today

4 Smart Home Transitions You Can Make Today

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Creating a smart home doesn’t necessarily mean overhauling all your utilities and furnishings. With a variety of smart technologies being widely available now, there are a number of options and devices that can improve aspects of your home without the need for time-consuming and extensive overhauls.

Smart Lock: future-proof home security

Today’s digitally secured locks can be installed as quickly as regular doorknobs and can be connected to your smart devices within minutes. As the first smart lock to be given approval by the Master Locksmith Association, the Avia smart lock has plenty of useful security features. It can be locked and unlocked with a physical key, a keypad, the owner’s iPhone, Apple Watch, or fob. The owner can also send temporary mobile access to friends and family. It can also sense when anyone’s trying to break in, which prompts an immediate alarm to be sent to the owner. Encrypted data transfer and anti-tamper technology backs up the company’s claim of making the most secure smart lock ever. It also has the option to be fully-integrated with Apple’s HomeKit smart home system, which can give you better and wider control over your home’s security.

Smart Lights: intelligent ambient and utility lighting control

Digitally customisable lights often come in the form of smart home kit integrated light bulbs that can be controlled using smart devices. GQ’s review of a new smart light by Dyson details how a new approach is redefining smart lighting. The Morph’s £500 to £650 price tag comes with a guarantee that lasts 60 years — all while using even less energy than other LED lights. Its double-hinged arm and 360-degree rotating light allows it to morph into four different positions, which combines with different lighting configurations that allows it to transition from bright utility room light to softly diffused reading lamp. Inside the lamp are sensors and a microcontroller unit that allows it to configure ideal settings throughout the day, such as warm lighting to match the sunrise in the day, which gets cooler as the night approaches.

Smart Kitchen: intelligent and safe food handling

There are plenty of smart kitchen appliances that can significantly improve the way you handle food at home. Samsung’s Smart Fridge and its Family Hub app not only keeps track of whatever’s in your fridge but also comes with the option to notify you when expiration dates are coming up. Meanwhile, the smart oven by June can function as a warming drawer, broiler, dehydrator, slow cooker, toaster, convection oven, and air fryer, all thanks to its camera and sensor-enabled computer-controlled system. These quick additions to your smart home can drastically improve the ways in which you store, cook, and serve food.

Smart Thermostat: intelligent and energy-saving temperature control

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A thermostat that can adjust according to your needs is especially useful in places with harsh temperatures. In the gloomy English weather for instance, it can be a challenge to consistently keep homes warm and cozy, which is when a smart thermostat can come in handy. Before installing it, however, you should make sure that your current setup can handle the transition, and is also insured for damages.

HomeServe notes that good coverage should include at least a 12-month warranty which includes replacement parts and of course, an efficient helpline — this goes for all aspects of a home you can insure. This way, you can avoid costly expenses should installation go wrong and you won’t have to shell out more than you planned. Once the paperwork is dealt with, a smart thermostat is one of the easiest smart home transitions to make.

If you aren’t sold on the idea of a complete smart home, you can still spruce up your house! Our article on the ‘5 Small Home Improvements in 5 Weeks’ you can make, will help you with ideas on how to quickly enhance your living spaces. Whether you’re interested in smart devices or not, there are many ways improve how you live at home.

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