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4 Self-Care Tips You’ll Need This Winter
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Love it or hate it, winter is on the way and it seems to be the season that has most of us divided.

Whether you can’t wait for cosy nights in with good food, the people you love, and a box set or two, or you’re positively dreading the dark nights and freezing temperatures there are steps we can take to ensure that the winter season doesn’t get us down and we take care of our bodies and minds.

Read on for 4 self-care tips you’ll need this winter.

Get a health MOT

We all dread sickness bugs and infections at any time of year, but with the combination of miserable weather and coughs and colds in abundance, getting sick over the winter months is a depressing thought. Your first step towards keeping positive and giving your health a boost? Getting yourself a health MOT. Start with your dentist – get in touch with Docklands Dental for an appointment – and find out if everything is as it should be. Having your oral health checked will ensure you nip any potential problems in the bud before they become more serious.

Speak to your GP, have a chat about any concerns or worries you might have, get your blood pressure and even cholesterol checked. And don’t neglect your mental health, either. If you’re worried, feeling down or anxious – speak to your GP.

Head outside

Yes, the weather outside is frightful, but during the colder months of the year we are blessed with a few days of sunshine. It’s on these days you need to get yourself up and about ang treat yourself to some much needed Vitamin D. Spending time in nature, even if it’s just for a short walk will not only boost your immune system but your mental health too. So bundle up warm and get moving!

Listen to your body

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Getting ill over this period is sometimes inevitable so you need to listen to your body and let your body set the pace. You might not be physically ill, but perhaps just need time for rest and reflection. If you’re usually up at 6am but your body doesn’t feel rested, lay in for a little while if you can. Rushing around and ignoring the signals your body is giving you leaves you open to exhaustion, and sickness. During this time of year, the body needs more time to rest so don’t deny yourself a nap, or an extra 30 minutes in bed, the ironing can wait.


Sitting in front of the TV while it’s raining outside, eating junk food sounds perfect, but don’t forget to fill your body with everything this season has to offer. Thick stews filled with roasted root veggies, warming soups, hearty meals brimming with creamy potatoes or bowls of delicious chili with homemade bread. Filling your body with these good meals will give your immune system the fighting power it needs to give you energy and fight off any nasty bugs.

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