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4 Holiday Destinations To Consider This Winter

4 Holiday Destinations To Consider This Winter

Mark Warner Levante

It’s cold, it’s rainy, the mornings are dark… I don’t think I’m alone in starting to crave the summer. I’m quite proud of how far I’ve got without feeling miserable about the changes in seasons – usually my winter depression begins in September. So hoorah for going an extra six weeks without booking a holiday!

I think that means I deserve, well, a holiday.

I’m off to Jersey this weekend (it’s forecast to be unusually cold and wet, booh) so in that spirit I thought I’d give you some ideas about where you can go to escape the usual drizzly British Autumn and Winter. Grab your bikinis, it’s going to be a warm one (I hope!).

I know I know, I just said that Jersey is cold and wet this weekend, but it’s usually forecast to be quite a lot warmer than the UK, right up til December and then again in March. There’s loads to do on the Island – it has more Michelin starred restaurants per capita then anywhere else in the UK – as well as some absolutely gorgeous swimming and walking spots. There’s also the attraction of World War II tunnels, something I’m looking forward to investigating myself this weekend.

Marrakech is an ancient fortified Berber city less than a four-hour flight away from London and on the same time zone as the UK. It’s also totally beautiful and really bloody warm – hoorah!  Stay in a traditional riad – a house built around a central courtyard with roof terraces – for the proper Moroccan city experience.

OK, so it’s not a winter sun spot, in fact Iceland’s capital city is one of Europe’s coldest destinations, but Rekyjavic has plenty of natural hot springs to warm up in (some of the best can be found in the Nauthólsvík area of the city). The annual Winter Lights Festival, which takes place in February, is an incredible celebration of winter. Take your warm coats!

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The temperatures in Mallorca reach around 17-20 degrees celsius during the winter months so it’s not a scorching destination, but you’ll find it’s definitely warmer than the UK in the short, dark months. It’s ideal for a couple looking for a romantic getaway in a boutique hotel – Cap Rocat, is a former military fortress that’s now a luxury hotel and is top of my list.

Where do you fancy escaping to this winter?

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