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4 Alternative Career Choices For People Who Hate Office Work

4 Alternative Career Choices For People Who Hate Office Work

Does the idea of sitting in an office all day long sound like your worst nightmare? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

So many jobs these days are office based and for some people, that’s fine, but for others, it’s their idea of hell. If you’re the kind of person that likes to get out and about, meet people, and do something different every single day, you’re going to be so bored working an office job. Not to mention that it’s bad for your health to spend all day sitting down.

So, does that mean you’re destined to spend the rest of your life stuck behind a desk bored out of your mind? Luckily for you, no it doesn’t. Even though there are a lot of jobs that are office based, there are plenty of other careers that don’t require you to spend your whole day sitting inside at a computer. If you’re trying to decide on a career or you’re working in an office at the moment and you want a change, these are some of the best jobs for people that hate office work.


If you want a fast paced job that is rewarding and different every single day, nursing is a great choice. There are always positions available for nurses and they play such a vital role. You’ll get to spend your days caring for patients and forming relationships with them, and there is always a new challenge to overcome. However, there is a downside to nursing because it’s an incredibly demanding job both physically and emotionally. You’ll be working very long hours and the shifts are often during quite unsociable hours and some people just can’t handle that. The emotional toll is high as well because you’ll be dealing with a lot of sick people and some of them won’t make it through. It’s important that you’re the kind of person that can separate their work from their personal life and deal with that emotional turmoil properly.

If you think that you can deal with the downsides of nursing and you want to pursue it as a career, you’ll have to get some more training. You’ll need a nursing degree of some kind and then you can start looking for positions. There are some more specialized areas of nursing, like midwifery, which is an ideal career for people that love kids or you could look into intensive care nursing but that is incredibly demanding.


Policing is another one of those jobs where no two days will ever be the same. When you’re out on patrol, there’s no telling what situations you might find yourself in, which may sound scary to some, but it is a very rewarding job. Knowing that you’re an important part of the local community and you’re helping to keep people safe brings a lot of job satisfaction. You do have to be willing to deal with the dangerous aspects of the job if you’re going to be an officer on the streets, but that’s only one of the careers available to you in policing. If you get yourself a WLU criminology degree online, for example, you could look into the more investigative side of policing and even do further training to become a crime scene investigator.

If you want to start from the bottom and work your way up, you don’t need any prior experience or qualifications to join the police as long as you can pass all of the physical and written tests to get in. From there, you can get experience as an officer and then start looking at the different career paths that are available to you.


Hospitality jobs get a bad name because there is a lot of bad ones out there. Working in the fast food industry, for example, is badly paid and the customers don’t tend to treat you very well. But not all hospitality jobs are bad and they’re actually a good choice for people that want to do interesting work outside of an office and like being part of a large team. If you were to look at jobs as a hotel manager, for example, you’d spend your days organizing your staff, greeting and socializing with guests and solving any problems that they might have. If you live in an area that is particularly popular with tourists, you shouldn’t have any problem finding jobs in the hospitality industry. However, a lot of people don’t realize just how difficult it is to do a job like hotel management and there’s a lot of training that goes into it. A lot of places offer specific hotel management degrees which will help you to get ahead of the competition when you’re applying for jobs but you don’t necessarily need one. A lot of people take junior positions in a hotel and then work their way up to a management position. It will take longer in most cases, but you won’t have to bear the financial burden of getting a degree.

The Trades

If you’re the kind of person that loves to be outside all of the time and you like getting hands on, working in the trades is a good career choice. You could train to be a plumber, an electrician or a general construction worker. You’ll need to get certified before you can start working on people’s homes but once you have your training, you can earn a good living because your skills are very much in demand. It’s the ideal career for people that like practical working and it gives you a lot of opportunities. You’ll probably start out working for another company but once you’re more experienced, you can set up your own business.


When it comes to getting trained, the best way to do it is usually through an apprenticeship. You’ll get hands on experience working with a company and then you’ll spend some days in a classroom learning everything else you need to know.

Working in an office isn’t your only option and if you hate it, then you don’t have to do it. Just look into some of these alternative career choices instead.

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