365 Days of Me Week #5

Looks like I wore a lot of stripes this week. This was also the week Will and Kate came to stay, I wore my dressing gown a little more than I should have (but I had my “I’m a Royal Mug” mug so that makes it OK). I dressed it up a bit for work, got rained on and gave it some cheese. CHEESE.


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    1. Thank-you! That particularly chic jacket came courtesy of TK Maxx. It’s a bit too big but there was no way I was leaving it in the shop! xx

    1. Stripes are my friend. I must buy a breton top per month (I’m not even joking). One of my aims for my upcoming trip to Paris is to buy an actual french breton top!

    1. Kate drank from my royal mug, yes! She also slightly terrified Elfie by looking like her mummy but also not being her mummy at the same time…

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