365 Days of Me… week #1

And on to another project.

I did 365 days (one photo per day) once upon a time and was totally arty farty with it on Flickr. However, it wasn’t a true representation of ME on a day-to-day basis, and this is something I’ve wanted to record for a little while. I am the photographer in our house; we have a ton of photos of Elfie, lots of Will but not many of me. This needs to change – I might forget what I look like.

Seeing one of my favourite blogging mothers, Hipster Momma, start this project gave me the impetus to get started.

I will be taking a photograph of myself once a day, every day, for the next year. These photos won’t be professional, or even taken with my DSLR, but they will be real and representative of what I was doing on that particular day. I will upload them here once a day and hopefully a year from now I won’t be shaking my head at my new wrinkles.

Once again… here goes.

(NB: the first two days were right before i came down with gastroenteritis. Please don’t judge… but what a difference some throwing up and makeup has!)






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  1. Zoelee wrote:

    I hate having my picture taken but always regret it each year as I get older and wrinklier! Maybe when i get a good camera I will try it… Maybe.

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      I like using my iMac because it’s so massive and a big white screen flashes up… hides a multitude of sins!

      (PS. so sorry for being so pissed at the weekend! It would be lovely to spend some proper time with you when I have not succumbed to some fizzy newsagent’s wine).

      Posted 7.6.11 Reply
  2. Zoelee wrote:

    Fizzy newsagent’s wine is the way to go for the warehouse events! I do believe we may be at the same wedding in August if we don’t meet before then :)

    Posted 7.6.11 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      Ohhhhh amazing, the babysitter’s already booked for the big Polish wedding. I CAN’T WAIT!

      Posted 7.9.11 Reply
  3. Baby Genie wrote:

    Such a great idea; I have so few photos of me and hate asking other people to take one, sounds so vain! So I might do this and start taking photos of myself! Especially since we lost about a years worth of photos in a recent hard drive droppage accident!

    Posted 7.7.11 Reply
  4. Samantha wrote:

    Okay now you’ve inspired me. I think I might take on this format. Thanks!

    Posted 7.20.11 Reply
  5. Peggy wrote:

    That’s fab! Might start doing it too and what a lovely thing to do for our kids for when they are older :)

    Posted 7.23.11 Reply
    • alice wrote:

      I think so too! Though a bit scary when I’m not wearing any makeup…

      Posted 7.26.11 Reply