3 Ways to Bring Light to Your Home

This time last year we moved house and it has changed our lives immeasurably. Not because the house is in any way totally different, but because of the light in the new place: our new home is way more light-filled than our old, and it really makes such a difference when it comes to the way we live.

Light can do so much for you. It’s essential for your brain’s regulation of serotonin and melatonin, the chemicals in our brains that help us sleep peacefully. Which is why it’s so important for our overall wellbeing that our homes are as light and bright as possible!

Here are some of my best tips to make sure you live a happy life in your home with all that lovely light…

home tour bungalow - living space

Paint everything white
Every single wall in my house is painted white. I know some consider this a bit stark and sterile, but it really works when it comes to reflecting and refracting light around the place! There’s no trick like it: and as a massive bonus it means that any photos taken in the home are really flattering, too! I like to style up my white walls with artwork, and bring touches of colour with my furniture and accessories. This way of decorating means the rooms are easier to switch up, too. No need to paint walls, just switch out a cushion for a new lease of life! Have a gander at this Houzz article that’ll give you ideas on how to live beautifully with white walls.

Use lamps
I always use lamps to bring more light and warmth to my home. I really don’t enjoy the starkness of overhead lights, so mood lighting dotted around the place really helps create the atmosphere that I like: one of happiness! I really love the selection of modern and contemporary lighting at lights.ie… there are gorgeous styles here for everyone.

Hang mirrors
Just like white walls, mirrors reflect light around the home and are a great way to bring an extra oomph to rooms. I’m a huge fan of using a mirror as a backsplash in a kitchen, for example, and I have some gorgeous vintage mirrors hung in my living spaces. I also have a couple of large more modern pieces in the bedroom and bathrooms (IKEA are great for well-priced options!).

I’d love to know how you bring more light and life to your home. What are your tricks?!

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