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3 Tips For Buying A Car On A Budget

3 Tips For Buying A Car On A Budget

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Buying a car is an expensive thing to do. No matter how frugal you are, how carefully you plan it, a good quality car will put you out thousands of pounds. Safety is the priority when buying a car; an old, banged up vehicle might be cheap, but it will not be safe for your family, and will also last a very short time. Yet if you splash out on a brand new car, this will cut into your savings account considerably, leaving you in a financially vulnerable position. So what’s the solution to buying a car on a budget?

In this blog you will find three key tips for buying a car on a budget. Here you will learn how to balance cost and product satisfaction when buying a car.

Second-Hand Vehicles

If you are trying to buy a car on a budget, it makes sense to consider a second hand car. Second hand cars are a very viable option for any family, especially reputable brands like a Used Vauxhall Corsa; but they take more careful research, planning and deliberation before you decide to purchase. Here are some key things to consider when buying a second hand car. 

Does the car have all its necessary documents?

If a car is being sold second hand, it is vital that it has its necessary documents. Every second hand car has a history of any collisions, repairs and other things that must all be provided in a transparent way by the seller. 

Is the seller reputable?

This is possibly the most important thing to consider: is the seller reputable? Buying a second hand car from an individual is probably worth avoiding; if possible, you should buy from a dealership that specialises in refurbishing and re-selling second hand vehicles.

Will the car last as long as you need it to?

If you want to save money by purchasing a second hand car, then that is a very sensible choice – but do not sell yourself short by purchasing a car that will not last. Make sure you can still get some good years out of the car, even if it has been driven before.

How You Buy (Lease-to-buy vs Outright)

The next thing to consider is how you buy the car. All car manufacturers and dealerships will offer multiple different ways to pay, such as buying the car outright, leasing to buy or hire purchase. Buying the car outright is a huge initial cost, but you will fully own the car right away. Leasing a car is a viable option if you are looking to trade it in in a few years’ time; a hire purchase can help families who want to pay in installments. Figuring out what will cost you less over time is important for buying a car on a budget.

The Right Car For You

Budgeting for a car isn’t just about the money you spend, it is also about the experience you will get from the car you choose. Everyone has their “dream car” – one they would have in an ideal world – but when buying a car on a budget, it’s about using your head over your heart. Choosing the right car for you means considering the following factors…

Your location

If you live in a place with extreme weather, such as heavy snow and ice during the winter, this is a factor you should definitely prioritise. Choosing a car that can handle tough weather means keeping your family safe.

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Your family

Of course, the size of your family will determine what kind of car you choose. If you have children, or are planning to have children in the near future, your family’s needs should come first when picking the right car for you.

The mileage

If you do go ahead and purchase a second hand car, the mileage of the car, and your prospective mileage per year, is an important consideration. Of course, buying a second hand car means there will be miles on the clock; this isn’t an issue if you don’t plan to drive very long distances every year. Make sure you work out approximately what yearly mileage you will cover, as this will inform what second hand car you decide to buy – or perhaps will persuade you to buy new.


If you are a frugal family, you might find the prospect of buying a car stressful. No matter what you choose, you’ll be spending money – but with this helpful guide, you can learn how to save money without compromising on quality.


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