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3 Things an Unorganized House Is Trying to Tell You

3 Things an Unorganized House Is Trying to Tell You

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Many families occasionally have clutter, but they usually manage it with a few changes. However, sometimes clutter becomes an eyesore when you try everything you know, but nothing seems to work. If you’ve attempted to get rid of stuff you don’t use, have cleaned and arranged everything afresh, but it’s all over the place after a few days, here are three things you should check

Your Storage 

Probably the reason your house is in a mess is that you don’t have enough storage. If you neatly stack up the clothes on a chair after doing laundry, they’ll soon be all over the place in a mess. It gets worse when you have young children who still don’t know how to be neat. 

To avoid this, get enough storage units and make sure everyone has personal and sufficient space. Check vinyl storage by for various designs, shapes and sizes to suit your family needs. Clothes and other accessories tend to stay in place when stored properly. You’ll have a neater, cleaner house, and it will also be easier to locate and retrieve anything you need. 

Your Home is too Small

Over the years, you tend to pile up stuff, some of which you no longer need. Also, as your family grows, your possessions increase. You’ll have more family clothes, furniture, beddings and other necessary accessories. You’ll also realize you’ll need more utensils, storage units, and personal space.

The additions may leave your space cramped up, untidy and cluttered. When that happens, you either have to accept and learn to live with less or move into a bigger house. Living with less means some family members will have to share amenities, beds and space. However, this should be a temporary arrangement as you look for a bigger space where everything fits well, everyone is comfortable, and the home is neat and clutter-free. 

Clutter also attracts pests. It’s not easy to keep a cramped space clean, which gives pests like cockroaches, mites, spiders and rats hiding places. 

Your Family Doesn’t Know How to Keep a Neat House

It isn’t easy to keep a house with young children tidy and clean. Teach them how to place back their toys or anything they use back to its rightful place. Probably the reason your house is cluttered or disarranged is that other family members don’t take the initiative of keeping it neat. You’ll find dirty clothes on the floor, unmade beds, used utensils on the dining table and other personal belongings on the seats.

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Take the initiative to teach the kids about neatness early in life. A two-year-old should learn how to take the toys back to the box after playing, while a five-year-old should try to make the bed and put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket. As they grow older, they know you expect them to keep the house clean and tidy. 

Every year, take out everything you don’t use, donate or sell. When decluttering, take the opportunity to spring clean the house and make changes such as get newer furniture or change the design or arrangement of the current pieces. You’ll have a more appealing, comfortable and healthy home.


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