3 Activities To Do With The Kids This Weekend

The nights are drawing in and the weather is getting colder! I know so many love autumn – and I enjoy getting my wooly jumpers back out as much as the next person – but this chilly wet weather means it’s that much harder to entertain my children at home as we lose so much of our outdoors playtime.

Weekends used to be our favourite times for playing: waterfights, parks, beaches, walks. The possibilities of things to entertain ourselves were endless! But with the change in weather we now need to alter our entertainment schedule to include activities that don’t involve us covered in mud, cold and wet.

Here are three fun weekend activities that will see us well into winter, and won’t leave us cold, either:

activities for kids

As much as I love baking on my own, when the kids get involved it can turn into quite the challenge and really makes my control freak tendencies go wild. Think flour everywhere, a messy kitchen and eggs broken on the work surface… it’s a nightmare for me and it’s no fun for the poor kids who are trying to enjoy their day’s baking with a wild-eyed cleaning madwoman who has replaced their mummy.

And so I try to make the process a lot nicer for all of us. One of the ways I do this is by using a pre-packed and prepared baking kit, so the focus is not on the mess made of the kitchen but the fun parts of baking, like decorating cupcakes with marshmallows (that always get snuck into little mouths!).

We love BKD kits for making this whole process easier on us all. Founder of BKD Adelle is a mum and it shows: all her kits are created with little hands (and low stress) in mind.

We love attempting crochet as a family because it’s something I’ve never been able to do before. I’m a firm believer that learning how to do an activity or process with your kids brings you all closer together and this has been no exception. Plus it’s useful, too! Perfect for winter, why not crochet you and your kids a scarf, or a nice cosy blanket that you can all use to snuggle under the sofa together (see our final favourite activity).

It’s a relatively inexpensive hobby to do, too. We buy all our crochet bits from our local Hobbycraft (one of our favourite stores) and you can get free crochet patterns really easily online.

Movie days
I think this is my favourite all three: I love a good movie day. We make popcorn, nachos and hotdogs, line up a few of our favourite movies and all pile on the sofa under blankets to watch a day of films together. Sometimes I sneak in a cheeky nap while the kids are busy with the Minions or Moana, and we always end these days all snuggly and happy together.

How do you like to entertain your kids on these cold dark days?

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