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28 Weeks Pregnant

28 Weeks Pregnant


A bit late with my update this time around, but my photographer (Mr. ‘I bet David Bailey never had to deal with this shit’) has been working very hard and finding a time when we’ve been able to synchronise when he’s at home with good hair days, a face of make-up and daylight has been tough. We managed it last week and were even child free so we went wild, which involved taking a nap then going out for lunch. The insanity.

At my last appointment the baby was head down which makes a really nice change to my pregnancy with Elfie when she was uncomfortably breech from 25 weeks onwards. If you can imagine a melon lodged under your ribs for fifteen weeks you’re nearly there. I found it hard to sleep comfortably, sit up comfortably, walk comfortably, but this time I barely remember there’s a baby in there aside from all the kicking and poking. It’s a great relief.

The bump is measuring a bit below average (and I don’t think I look all that pregnant from the front) but it’s definitely there: the time has come to fold away my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans which were fitting me up til now. I’ve started putting on weight too, a whole 10lbs in the last three weeks which makes sense as my appetite has been through the roof. There have been no new cravings as such, nothing like the crazy ice phase I had with Elfie. I even tried crunching on some this week… nothing. Although my love for roast potatoes and mayonnaise is still very much in play.

I had tonsilitis a couple of weeks ago which was completely and utterly brutal, and right after we moved house too. It was five days of hell followed by fourteen of being knocked out by even the slightest activity – like cooking dinner – so pretty inconvenient really. There have been lots of naps and I’m sure there will be plenty to come; work has taken somewhat of a back seat as sleep has become more and more important. Lovely lovely sleep.

As we’re well into the third trimester I’m starting to freak out somewhat at the thought of having 2 kids under 2. I find it hard enough to cope on the days Elfie is being a bit of a monkey, especially if we’re at lunch or at the supermarket, so the thought of adding another baby to the mix is pretty scary right now. Public opinion and advice ranges from the terrifying (“I think you’re nuts/you don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for”) to supportive (“you’ve done it once before, you won’t notice the difference”). I’m erring more on the side of terrifying right now; if I’m expecting the worst, things will only get better, right? (Parents of two: feel free to reassure me that it’s All Going To Be OK).

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  • I am so jealous of your lovely neat bump – you really don’t look pregnant from the front! I am huge and only 23 weeks! Eek. I will have a lot of working off to do once babe is here! Re having 2 babes under 2, one of my managers at work has just had a second bub to his brood and he has said that his wife has been SO much more relaxed because, as you say, you’ve done it all before :) You’ll be great.xx

    • Thanks Amy! You can blame my awful first trimester for the fact that I’ve only put weight on at my bump. It’s about the only thing morning sickness was good for.

      I’m hoping that because it was such a massive change having a baby the first time around I will only notice the practical things this time around – wiping 2 bums and noses etc. x

      • I am now almost wishing I had morning

        Yes I’m feeling overwhelmed at the thought of how much things will change having a small person relying entirely on me! You’re old hat at this baby lark :) Plus,as my brother keeps telling me, babies don’t do much for the first 6 months. I am taking this with a very large pinch of salt!xx

  • You are bloody gorgeous! And you definitely don’t look pregnant from the front.

    I missed two under two by 9 months, so can’t help there, but I will say, two kids full stop is kind of terrifying.. And then you just get on with it and get used to it, and all of a sudden, although raising these two little people is a massively gargantuan task, it becomes normal.

    You WILL get epic tantrums in the supermarket though. And they are never ever pretty.


    • Oh god, I had my first ‘throwing myself down on the floor and rolling around because I don’t like being in the supermarket’ at the weekend. Embarrassing x

  • You look gorgeous!!
    Cannot give advice on looking after two under two at the same time but I am sure you will adapt very quickly and easily. You have done this once before and having them close together means that you haven’t really gotten to the stage where you have forgotten everything already!
    It is natural to be scared, but you will be fine – I am sure of it xx

  • 2 under 2 is ok – the first few months will be hard but then suddenly it will get a whole lot better and in a couple of years they will play happily with each other

    We have an 18 month gap and the first few months were terrible (not least because Littler was VERY high needs) but this weekend we were able to sit back and enjoy watching them just get on with playing together – and it was lovely to watch

    • It’s good to hear this from someone who’s been through it! I’m looking forward to the time when they will play together very much, and fingers crossed I have terrified myself about two children enough that anything will seem easy!

  • I agree 2 under 2 is fine. I had a 15 month gap with the boys and yes the first couple of months passed in a blur due to tiredness and feeling like I was forever feeding one or the other, but it is really worthwhile and I wouldn’t have my boys any other way. You look amazing by the way

    • Thank you! I am feeling a whole lot better about this all having heard from people who’ve been through it.

  • You look fab my love! I’m actually quite jealous as I don’t feel that my bump is really that big and I’m exactly 28 weeks today.

    Surprisingly, for a “curvy” gal, I haven’t put much weight on at all and I seem to be all bump.

    Please tell me the next 12 weeks will go quickly. I really want to meet my little man!

    As for two under two, I haven’t even the foggiest of what one under two is like. But if your new arrival is anything like Elfie (best name ever as it reminds me of Elphaba from Wicked) you will be just fine! xxx

    • Hmm, I’d like to tell you the next 12 weeks would go quickly, but then I’m also looking forward to enjoying the next 12 weeks with only one baby! Though going off how quickly the last 12 weeks have gone, I’m guessing it’s going to go very fast… xx

  • I had 2 children 18 months apart & was worried about how we would cope. It was hard work at first but my son soon slotted nicely into the routine we’d already established with my daughter & everything was fine. They are now 34 & 15 months and we are expecting our 3rd in 3 months and so we’re hoping that this baby is as laid back as the last one!
    Don’t worry. Everything will be ok. The good thing about having 2 children close in age is that they play together and keep each other entertained.
    All the best for the future x

    • Thank you Rosie – I love hearing stories like this, it really sets my mind at ease to know that it’s not hard to manage! I just wish the people who have a nightmare of it would stop telling me about the hell they reckon my life is going to be. Not helpful.

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