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24 Weeks Pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant


This is the sort of outfit that gets worn on my days off, when I’m bumming round the house doing nothing more exciting than playing with Duplo, a bit of work and a cup of tea with my mum. It’s the sort of outfit that feels like a big all-over body kiss after wearing actual outfits: Uggs! Jersey! Tights under jeans! Yum. It’s been minus effing 2 down our way today and I’ve needed the warmth and comfort.

The more eagle-eyed readers out there (HI MUM!) may have noticed that I have missed a couple of my fortnightly updates, for no other reason than everything in this pregnancy seems to be going blissfully well. I’m a bit tired these days, a bit hormonal (crying at Location Location Location is not normal, I realise that) but aside from the tears all seems to be well. The vile cold of 2012 has now left the building and seems to have taken with it most of my sinusitis, but to be honest this winter’s mild weather has really helped by not aggravating it. Plus, today I had a bit of a migraine but as I’ve got a couple of chin spots I’m going to put this down to the hormones, too.

I have a small case of SPD (it feels sometimes like I’ve been hit in the vagina with a baseball bat: achey and sore) that flares up mostly in the evenings and much to Will’s hilarity on occasion I have staggered off the sofa clutching at my crotch. His offers to ‘rub it better’ do not help, FYI husbands out there.


First time round: March 2010 and 23 weeks pregnant with Elfie

Baby Harold number two has had lots of attention from the medical profession this week with both a midwife and a consultants appointment. Everything is on track (although I’m still not putting on much weight… last check 9st 5lb) though I was a bit disappointed to find out I wouldn’t be allowed to try for a water birth as I’m attempting a VBAC. They did promise however that I’d be allowed to have as much as an active birth as possible which I suppose is the next best thing, though I’ll be monitored and cannulated from the word go. I suppose I will just have to stay at home in the bath for as long as I can stand. I’m also repeating the 80-90% VBAC success rate in my head like a mantra and staying as far away from the 0.5% uterine rupture rate as possible. Split womb, do not want.

This whole moving house business is a big thorn in my side at the moment. Not wanting to prolong the misery I hadn’t done anything about it until today (10 days to go…) but finally got off my bum and did the most important job, which was to call BT and arrange for our broadband and TV services to be moved. I have halfheartedly chucked some of our belongings to the way of the charity shop but we have a long way to go… although I can’t wait to live in our beautiful new pad I am feeling very sorry for the Alice of four months ago who vowed not to move house for another three years at least. Poor naive Alice. Packing proper will commence on Friday, I promise.

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that my next pregnancy update will be coming from a completely different family home. I can’t wait; the house is so much more of a blank canvas than this one and we will be able to personalise it so much more. When we originally moved in to our current house we agreed with the landlords to do some painting and a bit of gentle DIY (i.e. getting rid of the wall lights you can see in the above photograph that just aren’t our style) but ever since they told us they were selling up there’s been no point in going ahead with it. So I’m looking forward to putting our stamp on the house, to not having a blood red-painted study and to really enjoy settling into the home and area. And the SPACE! Hello, built in wardrobes, I have been waiting for you…

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