Month: July 2019

Single Mum? We All Need Life Insurance

Today, I have a guest post from fellow single mum Gemma Holloway of life insurance broker Reassured about a subject that should be important to all of us, Life Insurance. Take it away, Gemma… 

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

4 Ways To Make Holidays a Breeze

If you’re going on holiday with me, you’re in luck. I am THE most organized, on-it, prepared holiday companion on the planet.

CBD oil benefits

Pushing Poison Out

What’s your poison? And no, not your favourite beverage. Your poison being the things in your life that you know are bad for you, but up to now you’ve unconsciously (or consciously) allowed them to cling onto your life and drag it down a bit (or a lot) along the way.

Asma Khan London

The Back-Up Plan Podcast, Episode 2: Asma Khan

There are so many things to say about the day I interviewed Asma Khan, founder of the Carnaby restaurant Darjeeling Express and the only Briton to have been featured on Netflix’s hit show ‘Chef’s Table’.

Easy Ways To Save The World

The world is in dire straits right now.No matter which way you look at it, our planet is struggling under the weight of humans: between single-use plastic waste, global warming, carbon emissions and over-population, there are serious changes that need to be made, and quick. It’s that serious that Elfie’s class at school has their own Eco representative (it is, of course, her).