Month: October 2018

What Young Children Can Teach Us About Grief (and Life)

If you’re a parent, when someone close to you dies, one of the first thoughts will inevitably be ‘how will my child handle this?’ In many cases the reassuring and slightly bewildering answer may well be ‘an awful lot better than you think’.

autumn skincare

Summer to Autumn Skincare: My Favourite Products

The stark and (literal) pale truth is that, due to the pressures of the colder season – the chilly days, the central heating, the lack of chugging hydrating water – my skin really struggles with autumn. Here’s how I cope.

lamb dhansak recipe

The Easiest (and Quickest!) Lamb Dhansak Recipe

This beautiful Lamb Dhansak recipe is such a dream to cook and will be done in only twenty minutes: the rice takes almost as long as the tender meat curry, despite using a fairly cheap shoulder cut.

Black velvet hangers on the floor

An Ode To Black Velvet Hangers

It might sound a bit extra, but black velvet hangers have changed both my wardrobe and my life. They’re such an easy way to take good care of your clothes AND make you feel like you’ve got your shit together.

fluffy american pancakes

Fluffy American Pancakes With Maple Bacon

These pancakes have become something of a tradition in our house, we eat them every other weekend and I just can’t. Get. Enough. The maple syrup creates a wonderful sweet/salt symphony when added to the bacon and the pancakes fluff up beautifully to compliment its crisp bite.

Perfect roast chicken recipe

The Perfect Roast Chicken Recipe For Your Sunday Dinner

This perfect roast chicken recipe of mine fulfils the trifecta of crispy skin, full flavour and utter moistness, and is one that is requested regularly by my family. Using this method of cooking is pretty foolproof and will produce a bird you’ll want to eat time and time again.