7 Top Kitchen Tips for an Easy Life

June 15, 2017
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Over the last year I have managed to transform myself from a kitchen dud, to a kitchen stud! No more broken egg shell disasters, no more burnt toast (for the most part). I would like to share my best tips with you, from keeping food fresh to pitting cherries and everything in-between.

Check if eggs are edible

Place eggs in a bowl of cold water to check if they are still edible. If the eggs sink – you are good to go. If it floats, you should be careful. The reason is the egg shell is actually porous, and over time the liquid inside evaporates into the air, leaving a bubble inside. The more it floats, the older the egg.

Pitting Cherries

This is one of my favourites, as it involves first drinking a delicious beer. Take the empty beer bottle, and place your cherry on top – then use a chop stick to push the pit into the bottle. Clean, simple and fun!

Keep Brown Sugar Soft

You can stop your brown sugar from hardening by keeping it in an airtight container, and adding in a slice of apple or orange peel with it.

Keep Potatoes White

After you dice or chop your potatoes, cover them with cold water to stop them oxidising, that keeps them from going the horrible “off” colour.

Keep tomatoes fresh

Weirdly, storing tomatoes at room temperature is better for keeping them fresh for longer. Also, storing them stem down or in an airtight container (again) helps prevent air getting to them.

Organise your freezer

Old magazine holders can be used as freezer space dividers, if you turn them on their sides they can become extra shelves that help protect flat items like pizzas. This is perfect for those large outhouse freezers, but also for any freezer where space is at a premium and it is a must to keep it organised.

Soften Butter Faster

In order to soften butter, you would normally leave it out on the counter for 10-15 minutes, which is not exactly conducive to speedy meal prep. Try grating it first onto your bread or dish, the increased surface area means that it will melt much, much quicker.

These have been our 7 tips that have managed to keep us sane over the last year, if you think we have missed any corkers why don’t you put them in the comments to share with us.

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