A Family Trip to London – 48 Hour Itinerary

May 1, 2017

The kids have been asking for ages, “When can we go to London”.  They want to see the Big City, to them it’s a place full of fun, endless entertainment & all you can eat McDonalds.  The time has come where you can’t put this trip off anymore and anyway, you figure it could give them an all important dose of reality.

We’ve put together a 48 hour itinerary for you and your family so you can see all the key sites, explore the rich cultural heritage and still maintain your sanity.

This itinerary will save your sanity (might want to print it out), but before we dive in, our top tip to save your wallet is to get a London Pass before you travel. You can save from between £15 – £25 per entrance fee with every attraction in this list!


It’s best to arrive in London at around midday, this gives you chance to check into your hotel and make sure that everything is okay there before heading into the city to explore. If you are catching the train into London, the best place to get off is Waterloo Station – this is close to the attractions you will be visiting and the Point A Hotel, five minutes away from the station, offers family room for under £100 per night.

Day One

Depending on your arrival time, it may be best to grab some lunch first to keep both you and the kids happy. Within Waterloo station, there’s Burger King, Pret-a-Manger, Upper Crust and Starbucks to keep you going until dinner time.

The first attraction on the itinerary is the famous Sea Life centre – it may be worth getting an Uber from the hotel to save your energy for the attractions. Kids love fish and aquatic animals, so keep them entertained and learning with an interactive tour featuring some of the world’s most fascinating animals. Next door is Shrek’s Adventure which is great for entertaining young children and adults alike through the Ogre’s antics and a 4D movie experience.

Following Sea Life and Shrek’s Adventure, why not have a sit-down and enjoy the skyline views offered from the Coca-Cola London Eye? Just make sure everyone’s nipped to the loo first!

Once all that is done, you’ll probably be getting hungry and a bit tired, so head back toward Waterloo station to find Carluccio’s Pizza Express, OXO or Gillray’s, depending on your mood.

When you’re all full, happy and exhausted, head back to your hotel room and get a good night’s sleep, ready for tomorrow’s adventures!

Day Two

On day two, you have a full day to make the most of London’s sights and attractions, so try to start early – that way the kids will be tired out and will give you parents some time to yourselves in the evening to watch a film and cuddle up.

Start the day with hotel breakfast, or grab something on the way to the first stop. Today starts with a boat ride, so you can even pack a picnic to enjoy on the cruise.

The Thames River Cruise gives you a chance to see the sights along the River from the comfort of a luxury city boat with upper-deck seating for sunny days, and an enclosed panoramic area for day when the more British weather makes an appearance. These cruises are available for between 30 minutes and 3 hours, so you are free to take your time, or quickly see the sights before heading to the next attraction. Hop off the river cruise at Tower Bridge for a short walk to the next attraction.

Day two sees the sights and attractions closer to the City Centre. Get to know the history of Britain’s warships, with a tour of HMS Belfast – six floors of history and a journey through WW” and the Korean War.

Head up the river to London bridge. Here, you can take the London Bridge Experience – a tour through the gruesome history of London – though this may be slightly dark for younger children.

When you have had your fill of Southwark’s attractions, hop back on the ferry and back to the Waterloo area, from here, you can catch the hop-on, hop-off bus tour and see more of London, without having to worry about getting lost or walking long distances. There are tickets which give you access to this service all day, so if you see somewhere you like, just hop off, explore, then hop back on when you’re ready to continue.

By this point, you should all be thoroughly worn-out and ready for some dinner. Either pop in to a local supermarket for a quick bite to take back to the hotel, or stop off a pier early and head to Skylon at the festival Pier for river-side views whilst you eat.

Finally, get the kids back to the hotel and watch as they immediately fall asleep after the day’s excitement top give you some quality time together as a couple. Now, get a good night’s rest and have a safe journey home in the morning!


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