Making Your Home A Cosy Place To Be

April 19, 2017
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When you’ve spent a long day in the office or at work, the last thing you want to come home to is a stark and cold house. You want warmth, cosiness, a happy place to hunker down in and watch Netflix or surf Instagram. Especially if, like me, you live on your own.

In my years of warm solo living I’ve come up with a few tools to help cosy up my house. Here are my favourites…

Buy a fluffy rug
I think I might have the fluffiest rug on the planet, this berber-style rug from La Redoute. It’s a bit of a pain – it sheds more hair than my auntie’s labrador – but it looks good and most importantly it’s a gorgeous snuggly surface to roll around on. Hux even likes to lie on it arms akimbo: “I’m making rug angels”, he says (the lovely little weirdo). The downside to it is that the pile is so high that each time I hoover I discover LEGO, Hama Beads and Shopkins inside it – in fact maybe that’s where our lost Apple TV remote is hiding? – but it is otherwise spectacularly cosy and lovely.

Create ambiance with lighting
Using a selection of lighting around the home is a really solid way to cosy it up. As an example look at this sphere chandelier, a gorgeous feature that would really make your ceiling light ‘pop’. The addition of lamps also helps, and leaving them dotted around your living space brings a wonderful sense of warmth to the home.

home tour bungalow - living space

Use textures in your soft furnishings
Looking around me now I can see a wide variety of textures: velvet, cotton, damask, linen, wool. These surfaces all work together in harmony to create a really lovely warm and cosy effect… and I have to say, if you’ve never taken a nap on a velvet sofa then add it to your list! There’s nothing nicer.

Add a fire to your home
This one’s not always convenient: we can’t all stick fires or chimneys in the middle of our living spaces! I’m lucky enough to have a woodburning stove in my house (I buy all the wood from Amazon!) but before I had this feature I used a very clever little tool to warm up the home: a fire TV! Yep, Netflix has a very nifty programme called ‘Fireplace For Your Home‘ which is a looping video of a roaring fireplace. I don’t know how it works exactly, but it’ll warm you up no end.

How do you warm up your house?

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