Where to Go For Your Athleisure Fix

April 20, 2017

Athleisure is a trend that’s coming to dominate the fashion world – particularly for Millennials, as it plays off the key role that exercise plays in their lives: gym memberships are at an all time high, and exercise apps and equipment like Fitbit and ‘Zombies, Run!’ are big business. A movement in fashion that allows people to thread their identity as a fitness enthusiast through their whole life is not likely to be going anywhere in a hurry, so let’s look into a few places you can go to get some quality pieces from the very best Athleisure wear brands.

Ivy Park

This is Beyoncé’s own line, established amid a blaze of publicity. She’s partnered with Topshop for this 200-piece strong line of clothing, so it’s very accessible: there on the high street, and at a price that means everyone can add at least one carefully chosen piece to their wardrobe even if they can’t expect to put together a whole outfit.

It’s a line that shares Beyoncé’s values: it focuses not just on fashion, but on bringing fashion sensibilities to a practical and empowering set of clothing. These are clothes you can actually work out in, as well looking on trend.

Chinti and Parker

A smaller, web-based label, Chinti and Parker offer a more luxurious take on the Athleisure trend. You can expect to see a lot cashmere used, a classic material that emphasises comfort and ties the latest big movement into the roots of fashion. Chinti and Parker’s Athleisure pieces are designed to let you make a statement with bold motifs of stars or leopards livening up a pair of track pants or a sweater.

Chinti and Parker’s smaller size doesn’t represent a lesser quality, and allows them to be more experimental with their designs. They’re the brand to go to if you want to find a novel piece to add some colour to an outfit.

Sweaty Betty

A quintessentially British brand, Sweaty Betty was born in Notting Hill, London, and is really focussed on the active side of the Athleisure identity, with lots of practical work out wear, and a whole community with blogs focussed on how fashion can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle, and workout videos.

This is where you go for high end Athleisure products, when want to make an investment and add an enduring classic to your repertoire.

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