So Your Best Friend is Having a Baby!

April 10, 2017

When your best friend announces that she’s having a baby, most of us hear the angels in heaven singing “hallelujah” in full voice! It’s just as exciting as to when your brother or sister tells you that they’re expecting because you can be confident that you’re going to be a big part of this baby’s life.

You know that you will be living the pregnancy with her, calming her anxieties, rubbing her feet when she’s tired, and enjoying the baby-and-mummy shopping with her. You know that you’ll be taking over meals when the baby’s born, helping her out during those early stages and babysitting to give her a night off once the baby is old enough. You know that you will live the experience with her, whether your best friend is the first one to have a baby out of all your friends, or not – it’s still an exciting and momentous occasion!

Baby Gifts

So where do you start and what can you do to help during this special time? One thing that expectant parents don’t realise is the sheer amount of stuff you need for babies! Mothers want to know that they have everything ready well in advance before the baby arrives. As most baby arrivals are unpredictable, this should probably be at least a month before the due date because babies can come early as we know. After the first trimester, help your friend to make a list of everything from nappies to baby monitors, including every essential needed. If money is an issue, then club together with friends and surprise her with gifts. It’s also worth checking out money saving websites to see if there’s any special deals around. An article by Promopony lists the most essential baby products, giving detailed information on what new parents might need for the first three precious months. Seek out the little extras your best friend may not have considered and shower her with lovely gifts:

  • Bath-time towels and robes – the robes with the hoods are especially cute
  • A changing table – a chest of drawers with a handy changing table on the top
  • A travel bag – to keep bottles, nappies and a change of clothes in on daytrips
  • A toy chest – a personalised toy chest with the baby’s name on it
  • Sleep bags – also known as “grobags”, for the baby to sleep in
  • Bedroom gifts – wall stickers, personalised pictures or even a door plaque for the baby’s bedroom

Supporting Your Best Friend

Having a baby is a wonderful occasion in your life, but it can also be a bit scary! Most new mums are nervous and anxious of how they will cope when the baby’s born – will they be able to breastfeed, will they sleep, will the baby be okay? All these worries are normal and most women just need a bit of reassurance from their family and their closest friends. Be prepared for last minute panics and make sure she knows you’re on the end of the phone if she needs you.

Many new mums will agree that those few months can be disorientating, especially when their partner goes back to work. Make sure you pop in and see her to when you can, let her go and have a long bath while you look after the baby, or take a tasty lunch and some gifts to give her for a special treat. If a new mummy knows her best friend is there to support her, then it makes all the difference!

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