How Tidy Are You? Ask The Zodiac

March 31, 2017

I can’t get enough of the Zodiac. As a Leo, I believe a lot of my personality is down to it: I’m fiery, emotional and sometimes, a little bit raucous. I also reckon my lion has influenced my big mane of curly hair – well, that’s my excuse for all my GHD usage and I’m sticking to it.

Thinking of the Zodiac in relation to our homes and offices, the clever people at Furniture At Work™  have come up with a very interesting infographic. You see, it’s not just our wider personality traits that could be affected by our star sign, but things like our cleanliness and tidiness as well! They reckon that if you’ve resolved for years and years to be a tidier person but just never got round to it, your star sign might be to blame… 

As a Leo, I’m a ‘Mayhem’ sign! According to this infographic I think about fun first and mess later, which is definitely true. I like to have a good time, though I do pick up after myself (and the children!) afterwards… And yes, my glovebox is a nightmare. Taking the car to be valeted yesterday I was ashamed at the sheer amount of rubbish that emerged from the childrens’ footwells… magazines, pens, french fries, plastic phones. You name it, I found it.

Does this zodiac graphic reflect how tidy YOU are?

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