Exteriors: staging the outside of your house for a sale

March 15, 2017

We all know how to stage the inside of our homes to make them more appealing to buyers, but what about the outside? Most buyers start their property search online these days, but kerb appeal still matters. According to a recent survey from Barclays Mortgages, 44% of buyers would offer 20% less than the house value if the exterior was untidy. With just ten seconds to impress viewers when they arrive outside, it’s important to stage the outside of your home too. Here are our tips on how to sell your house by staging the exterior.

Declutter and tidy

An untidy front garden would put off around 58% of potential buyers, so keeping it neat will increase your chances of a quick home sale. Treat your front garden like any other room of your house and walk round it to remove clutter. Children’s bikes can be locked safely in the garage, and unruly flower beds should be given a quick once over to remove weeds and excess foliage. It’s also a good idea to mow your lawn and sweep your paths so that it looks extra tidy.

Add a lick of paint

You don’t need to paint your whole house (unless it’s badly in need of it, in which case go for it). Simply painting your front door can add an extra level of kerb appeal. Property expert Sarah Beeny loves cerise pink as a front door colour choice, and says sellers should “go wild with colour, it’s the one place you can.” Bold and bright front doors certainly make a statement, but black is always a safe (and elegant) bet if you would rather keep things subtle.

Think about the approach

You want people to feel excited on their walk to your front door, so think about what the approach feels like. Remove clutter from the porch, pick out the grass from between paving stones and add some lighting to either side of the door so that evening viewers feel welcome. A plant pot with some brightly coloured flowers on either side of the entrance should also help to lift viewers’ spirits.

With over a third of buyers making their decision based solely on the outside of a property, it’s well worth taking the time to stage your exteriors.


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