Creating Fun and Effective Toy Storage

March 27, 2017
monochrome kids room

Many homes use cupboards and drawers to store their endless amounts of toys, but getting your kids to put their things away once they are done, can be a little tricky. Creating unique and fun storage can not only help you create storage that fits perfectly in your home, but it can also encourage your kids to put their toys back in their place.

Why should we be creative with toy storage?

Creative toy storage can help us to completely customise storage solutions to our own homes. If we can make storage look like fun, it could help to make the act of tidying up more fun as well. Creative storage solutions can also be a lot cheaper than buying endless cupboards and shelves, that are often too bulky to fit in our homes. By being crafty and trying our hand at DIY, we can often save a lot of money.

How to create fun storage solutions

Pinterest is a great place to find new and unusual ideas for the home, and storage solution experts, Storebox, have put together the below infographic to get you started with some ideas.

Finding items and twisting their purpose on its head, is a great way to come up with unique ideas. Using something such as cube shelving, turning it on its side and using it as a bench and also a place to store toys, can give you a whole new, multipurpose piece of furniture for your home. It all comes down to seeing regular items in a whole new light.

Include the kids in choosing your storage

To help get the kids excited about their toy storage, make sure to include them in the decision-making process. You could even recruit them into helping you with any DIY projects you plan in order to create your new storage.

Getting your children to help you can not only allow you to spend some quality time together, but your kids may be more inclined to use the storage if they have helped make it themselves.

No matter how much space you have in your home for storage, try creating your own customised storage solutions. You’ll not only be able to effectively store all of your toys, but you can create some truly unique pieces for your home.

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