Easy Hook Projects To Organize Your Home

January 20, 2016

You dream about having an organized home. You even tried to tackle one room at a time last year, unhealthy but a well-organized interior still eludes you. What if your bathroom could be the place of serenity you envision: clear counters, fresh flowers, and neatly placed beauty tools? What if your laundry room could be an organized, functional space itself? Wouldn’t it be great to get the mop and ironing board off the floor?

A few cleverly placed hooks can be the organizational tools you need to not only tidy up but also add some style to your bathroom and laundry room spaces. Discover how to incorporate hooks into your organizing and decorating in the following easy how-to home projects.


With these three easy projects you can do over one weekend, you can transform your laundry room from a cluttered space into an organized dream. Add a laundry shelf for supplies, hanging hooks for your mop and ironing board, and a series of hat hooks to maximize storage and space inside your laundry room.


SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME: 1 1/2 hours

COST: Less than £75


  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Laser Level
  • Cordless Drill
  • 1/4 Inch Drill Bit
  • Hammer
  • Step Ladder
  • Screwdriver with Appropriate Screw Bits


  • 2 White Heavy Duty Shelf Bracket
  • 1 Wood Shelf, cut to fit space
  • 6 Wall Anchors and Mounting Screws
  • 1 Screw-In Tool Hook
  • 1 Decorative Hook Rail/Rack with 5 Tri-Hooks
  • 2 Coat and Hat Hooks



Step 1 – Measure your shelf space

Measure the space where you will install the shelf. Professionals at your local Home Depot store can cut the shelf to length for you.


DSC_0219 Step 2 – Mark the holes for the bracket placement

Once you’ve measured the shelf and cut the wood, install the shelf brackets that will hold the shelf fixed against the wall and in place. With a pencil, mark a spot on the wall where you’ll drill each hole.



Step 3 – Drill holes and attach anchors

Before you put the screws in place, use drywall anchors to secure your new shelf. Use a laser level to drill holes in the correct spots and then use a hammer to lightly tap the anchors in place.


Step 4 – Secure the bracket

Using a drill, insert screws into the anchors. Repeat on both brackets.


Step 5 – Place your shelf

Place the shelf on top of the secured brackets and align it so each bracket is evenly placed under the shelving unit.


Step 6 – Secure the shelf

Secure the shelf in place by screwing it onto the support bracket. For a finished look, add white screw caps (we used Everbilt Phillips caps) to cover the silver screw.


Step 7 – Place your items

Now you have an additional shelf to place items you need to reach on a daily basis.


Step 8 – Place and install mop hook

Mount your mop hook high enough so that you are able to easily vacuum or sweep underneath. Screw in the hook (we used the Everbilt screw-in hook) into the wall and hang your mop on the hook.


Step 9 – Measure and place ironing board hook

Place the coat and hat hook high enough so the ironing board is off the floor for easy vacuuming but low enough to allow you to remove and replace the board on its hook. Measure the length of the ironing board and add approximately 7 to 10 inches.

Step 10 – Install ironing board hooks

Install the first hook (we used Liberty Hardware coat + hat hooks) using drywall anchors and provided screws. Use your level to mark the line to place the second hook. Repeat installation process to mount second hook in place.


Step 11 – Mark and install level placement of hat rack

Using the level, ensure the Liberty Hardware Decorative Hook Rail/Rack is level, then drill in mounting screws on both sides. Be sure to align the rack after installing the first screw to make sure it has not moved and is still level.

Step 12 – Hang hats

Congratulations! Time to hang your hat and call this a day’s work.


If you’ve perused chic bathroom designs in home décor magazines, you’ve probably spotted those brushed nickel hooks holding gorgeous potted plants. You can easily create these chic DIY orchid planters with a few materials and a little time. Select any easy-care houseplant variety to bring a splash of color to your bathroom.


SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate

TIME: 1 hour

COST: Less than £45


  • Cordless Drill
  • 1/4 Inch Drill Bit
  • Hammer
  • Step Ladder
  • Pencil


  • 1 Heavy-Duty Nickel Coat and Hat Hook
  • 2 Mounting Screws
  • 1 Plant Hanger
  • 2 Indoor Houseplant Plants


Step 1 – Measure your opening

Using a tape measure, measure the size of the opening above where you will hang the planter.

Step 2 – Find the center

Your hook will need to remain directly in the center of the opening. Mark the halfway point with a pencil.



Step 3 – Install the hook

Secure the hook using the two screws provided. Be sure the screws are capable of holding the weight of your planters. If you’re unable to find a stud to screw into, like we did, use drywall anchors.


Step 4 – Hang your planters

Loop your planter ring (we used the Liberty 3” heavy-duty coat hook) onto the hook.

Step 5 – Add your plants

Water your plants and allow any excess water to drain off from the bottom of the pots. Insert the pots in the hanging planters.


Sometimes, you need to organize a space, but you aren’t sure you want to commit to drilling holes for hanging hooks. By using removable adhesive hooks in your shower, medicine cabinet and vanity, you can organize your bathroom space now and easily remove the hooks later.



TIME: 30 minutes, not including time for adhesive tabs to adhere to hanging surfaces

COST: Less than £50


  • Pencil, for marking hook placement
  • Alcohol Wipes


  • 2 Clear Jewelry Rack
  • 1 Razor Holder with Water-Resistant Strip
  • 1 Large Towel Hook
  • 1 Large Clear Strip Hook
  • 1 Cord Bundler Hook


Step 1 – Measure and mount jewelry rack

Determine the placement of the jewelry rack on the inside of the vanity door, then affix the adhesive tab to the door. Remove the second backing strip from the jewelry rack and press it onto the door to secure. Allow the adhesive on the rack to set for one hour before hanging jewelry.


Step 2 – Clean surface and mount shower caddy

Using an alcohol wipe, clean interior surfaces of the shower. Press the hook and adhesive tab of the caddy hanger to the shower wall. Hang the shower caddy from the hanger.


Step 3 – Mount shower hooks

Showers can easily begin to look cluttered with combs and sponges placed on the edges. Mount a shower hook using the adhesive tab, and press firmly to affix it to the shower tiles. This introduces instant organization for your shower accessories.

Step 4 – Hang hairdryer hook

Unclutter the vanity cabinet by adding a hook for your hairdryer or other small beauty appliance. Be sure to hang the hook high enough to hold the item above the bottom of the door.


Step 5 – Mount cord bundler

Wrangle unruly hairdryer and electric razor cords by installing a cord bundler hook near the vanity. This will help keep the vanity tidy and prevent knotted cords.

Now that you’ve tidied up some of your home’s problem areas and added a bit of serenity to your daily grind, you can breathe easier. Remember that you can do similar DIY projects in your home with a little time and motivation.

Thank you Home Depot for these brilliant tutorials!

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