This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

In 2010, I resolve to:
– Be a better wife
I need to realise when I’m being a whiny bitch because of my hormones and keep a lid on it, otherwise Will’s sanity will be severely compromised.

– Make our new home a wonderful place to be
I can’t wait to move to our bigger family home next week and to have a garden and nursery. We’ll be spending a lot more time there and I want to make it as homely as possible.

– Keep in touch with my friends more than I have done
Should be easy as I won’t be hungover at all in the next six months.

– See as much live music as possible before baby comes
…because I won’t be seeing much afterwards!

– Really work at doing freelance stuff
I won’t be working for a long while after baby arrives, should I pick up freelance work we won’t have to worry so much about budgeting (yuck).

– Blog
If I don’t blog about things, I forget them. I really want to remember this pregnancy.

– Be a good mum
Self-explanatory I think.

– Don’t splurge so much money on convenience food, clothes and booze
I think this means no more Pret. I’ll need a while to get over this one.

– Read better books, not just crappy chick lit
I love bad books, but I worry they are turning my brain to mush. So far this year I have already powered through Bridget Jones’s Diary, but am now on ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ by Khaled Hosseini. FYI: the Twilight series doesn’t count as crappy chick lit.

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