20 Weeks and Counting

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk

I think it’s about time for a 20 week update, don’t you?

It feels wonderful to be halfway there. Not only have my worry levels dropped significantly recently (thank-you hormones), I’m really pleased that the time isn’t dragging anymore. I’m concentrating on enjoying the pregnancy – easier now I look pregnant rather than a raging Krispy Kreme fan. I’m feeling a lot more like my happy, healthy self (minus the sickness bug) and all is good.

The weekend before last was a big one. Will works in the live music biz here in London, and he had a couple of nights of big shows; Faithless on Friday night followed by Simian Mobile Disco on Saturday. We had friends from Nottingham staying on Friday so dined with them at Vivat Bacchus (OK – would go again for their TopTable offer) and went on to see the show. I’m pleased to report I wore sequins (see photo, me and my gorgeous friend Su who I know reads my blog so here’s some blog fame for her!), drank a special treat glass of champagne and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I got a bit tetchy about 4am as it was slightly wearing to be the only sober party-goer, so a taxi was procured and our group retired. When we got home I went straight to bed rather than taking part in the post-night-out toast and tea/Top Gun feast.

The next night I was treated to a dinner at Gaucho with SMD and friends (I LOVE Gaucho) before meeting my brother to say ‘Happy Birthday’ and bed for 2am. What a partygoer!!

I have to admit, these two nights out plus the Baby Show on Sunday totally exhausted me, though the impending Norovirus certainly didn’t help. From now on I’m a strictly midnight-bedtime gal.

So, here’s a quick bullet-point roundup of how I’m feeling at Week 20:

– I love the movements and kicks I’m feeling! They were awful when I was sick as I had horrendous stomach cramps and they seemed to magnify them but now I’m well again I could lie back and feel my stomach all day. Unfortunately I have to go to work instead.

– I’m drinking a lot and my dehydration is well and truly under control. I haven’t had a headache since 18 weeks and have come to terms with the fact I have to pee around 12 times a day.

– The sinusitis has been really getting me down, in the cold weather my nose just won’t stop running and it seems to have spread to my ears which pop and crackle in the wind! I’m hoping this will improve in the warmer weather and if not I know it will definitely disappear when the baby comes.

– I’m sleeping like a log and feeling fresh when I wake up. It’s great and I’m making the most of it!

– I’ve had some hormonal spots along my jawline. Quite normal, aside from the fact they itch like anything and look almost like mosquito bites. OUCH.

– I lost the 6lb I gained in my second trimester with the sickness bug, but am working on getting that back. I feel lucky that I haven’t put on a lot of weight but have been making sure I get my 5 a day in moderation.

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  1. Heather wrote:

    oh and what a lovely bump! Makes me feel quite hormonal! those kicks are the most wonderful things, aren’t they?

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  2. Anna wrote:

    Hello- we are partners in the guest post day!! I’m really pleased I got someone who’s blog I haven’t seen before! I’m trying to think of things to blog about!! eeek. Anyway, Hello! nice to meet you! http://eviegeorge.blogspot.com Anna x

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  3. Anna wrote:

    hello… I think something went wrong with my comment…? We have been paired up in the guestpost day this Friday so I better start wracking my brains for something to write… Anna x http://eviegeorge.blogspot.com

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  4. YoungMummy wrote:

    I am so impressed you stayed out til 4am. I think I was in bed by about 9pm throughout my pregnancy! And the bump looks gorgeous x

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  5. Alice wrote:

    Heather – thank you! I think I have been quite lucky with my bump so far, comparing it to others I think it’s on the smaller size but that’s just fine with me! And the kicks have been wonderful.

    YoungMummy – I have to admit I got fairly angry at 3.45am when we could not leave IMMEDIATELY and my husband took the brunt of my tired-induced anger. Still very proud of myself though!

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply
  6. kat wrote:

    Lady – anything beyond 10pm is hardcore…

    Posted 3.3.10 Reply