A Two Veg, 3 Ingredient, 20 Minute Pasta Bake

There’s an Italy-sized soft spot in my heart for Dolmio. Unquestionably the king of pasta sauces, Dolmio products were staples of my student diet at University, helping teach me how to cook a proper hearty dish of pasta, helping educate me what flavour combinations work together (smoked bacon and tomato remains a favourite to this day).

Dolmio saw me through late nights, hungry lunchtimes, delicious dinners and shaky first attempts at cooking for my flatmates; quite simply, for those of us short on culinary time or skill they are an absolute institution. And, though my skills have somewhat improved in the 14 (!!) years since I lived in halls of residence, the amount of time I have to cook hasn’t.

20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake

Which is why, at an exhausting and time-starved start of a new term, when Dolmio offered to send me some of their new innovative Veggie Goodness range (a pasta sauce which contains two of your five a day with each portion) I was all, YES PLEASE KING OF SAUCES.

I know I won’t be the only mother to despair when it comes to force-feeding her kids the required amount of fruit and veg daily, so I was delighted to read these sauces will take away a large portion (excuse the pun) of this stress, while tasting great and being high in fibre and a source of potassium. They also contain no nasties, being devoid of artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Available in four great flavours and suitable for vegetarians, I decided to create a quick pasta bake with the tomato, courgette and basil pasta sauce variety. It couldn’t have been easier: within twenty minutes of low-maintenance cooking we had a really delicious lunch served and both my two cleared their plates and asked for seconds.

20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake

Stuffed full of goodness, I was really impressed with what a quick and easy meal this was for the kids.

All too often when I’m pushed for time I will scatter some cheese on pasta, say a secret prayer to the god of vegetables that the kids got their fill of their 5 a day at school and call their sad plate of beige a meal (full-time work SO isn’t compatible with full-time motherhood, you cut your corners where you can). But this healthy and tasty bake took the same amount of time as my poor time-stretched efforts, and the kids loved it loads more than mummy’s cheesy pasta.

20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake

Two Veg, 20 Minute Pasta Bake

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 2 people


  • 150 g Dry pasta
  • 1 pouch Dolmio Veggie Goodness sauce
  • 1 handful Cheddar Cheese


  1. First cook your pasta al dente, according to pack instructions (around 10 minutes).

  2. Drain the water and add the pouch of Dolmio's Veggie Goodness sauce to the pan. Stir well.

  3. Empty into a baking tray and scatter with grated cheddar cheese.

  4. Cook at 190 degrees for around 10 minutes, or until golden brown and bubbling on top.

20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake 20 minute pasta bake

So now, even though we’re starved of time our tummies need not be! Our clean plates speak volumes: Dolmio Veggie Goodness comes highly recommended from us.

You can pick yours up at your local supermarket from this September, with an RRP of £1.99.

Huge thanks to Dolmio, a brand I love and use, for working with More Than Toast.

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