12 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to 12 weeks; when I still feel and look like crap!

This pregnancy is simultaneously dragging and speeding along. Dragging because I wake up every morning feeling like I spent the night before mixing sambucca, white wine and espresso martinis and dancing til 4am, speeding because I’m still having to drag my bum out of bed to do normal person functions like parent a toddler, work and cook. If you add in my inability to not fall asleep until after 1am and fondness of lying in bed all night listening to the noise of potential burglars breaking in (it’s always the boiler) then you have a barrel of laughs. Not. Thank goodness my husband is a saint and is happy to get up every morning with Elfie as we try and sleep train the hell out of her 5am wakeups.

So there I am, up there, in my full first trimester glory. You will be pleased to know that as soon as I downloaded the photos of me at 12 weeks from my camera I promptly gave myself a manicure, a fake tan, a blow dry and a talking-to. I bought myself a tube of NanoBlur (my god it’s a miracle product, I might even have to vlog about it) and finally unpacked all my clothes so I can wear something other than stretchy jeans and Breton stripes. I don’t know if it’s been the mental effect of feeling better about the way I look or that I’m coming to the end of the first trimester but I feel less and less like an ogre every day. I can go 12 hours without a nap, for one, and I’ve been cooking and eating actual food (not just baked beans).

I don’t have a bump as such yet – but I do look very bloated. A bit like when I eat a stack of white bread. I’m looking forward to the time I will bloom with life rather than look like I ate all the pies, but every day I feel my uterus rising up so hopefully this won’t be too far away.

Today we finally saw the baby! The three of us had a trip to the hospital for a scan and blood test, and though we’ve known there’s a foetus inside me for a long time it was still a total shock to actually see it. It was moving and kicking – it had arms and legs! I think it was hiccuping at one point. It was very, very cute.

But seeing the baby on the inside made me remember one thing: we have to get it out of there. In six short months. When it’ll be much bigger. Ouch. Time to dig out my copy of Hypnobirthing for Beginners and Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth… or maybe just cross my fingers.

6/8 Weeks

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    • thank you! Being pregnant seems to have stopped my hair falling out, which seemed to be a nasty side affect of having E. xx

  • You look fine, don’t worry. I’m intrigued by the Nanoblur, I saw it advertised by Boots and would like to have your opinion of it.

    You had your scan at Milton Keynes hospital, I’m not far from there!

    • I would highly recommend it – I have very open pores and it completely got rid of them (along with the fine lines on my forehead!)

  • I bloody love a good baby / pregnancy post!

    I too am shitting myself about the birth – at least you know what’s to come though (although maybe that’s worse?!) I hate the unknown! I keep getting so excited about meeting our little man, but then I remember what has to come first. Eek.

    My friends sister popped her first one out at the weekend, with contractions midnight – 6am, went to the hospital and found she was only 3cm dilated, walked around for 20 mins, waters broke and 3 pushes later she had a little girl! I hope mine’s that bloody quick.


    • Well, I had a C section last time (E was breech), and I’m going to attempt a VBAC this time! Your friend’s sister labour sounds ideal. I’d like mine to be as natural and stress-free as possible (do you think you can drink wine when you’re in labour? I’m quite serious!).

  • Aw congratulations Alice and yes you look fab! Hope the hangover feeling goes away pronto and you get some more sleep. I’m feeling a lot more tired with this 2nd pregnancy… Good luck! X

  • oooh, first trimester glory! You are a rockstar mama! This is my first pregnancy, so I can still revel in lots of free time. Hope you get plenty of relaxing moments:-) xoxo

  • You look great! And for what it’s worth, my 1st labour was the stuff of nightmares and 2nd time round I got the hypnobirthing, quick, water birth I thought only existed in dreams and Ina May’s house…so it can happen. Whack that ipod on and get hynoptising :-)

  • I’m only half-trained at HB so far (have the antenatal education bit still to do when I have the chance) but if you want anyone to help with relaxation scripts I’m happy to give it a go! It’ll be good practice for me anyway. ;)

    Congratulations again! Elfie will be a brilliant big sister. :)

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