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11 Ways to Make a Guest Bedroom Feel Warm and Inviting

11 Ways to Make a Guest Bedroom Feel Warm and Inviting

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If you regularly have guests over, you should try to create a bedroom environment that is soothing and welcoming. One important thing to remember is not to make the bedroom feel too over the top. To achieve this, here are several things you can do to make your guests’ visit comfortable and memorable instead.


The beddings you include can make or break your guests’ experience. The colour of the bedding should match the colour palette you choose for the bedroom, so the colour is subjective. However, you’ll want to provide soft linens and lots of comfortable cushions. Do not forget to add both soft and firm pillows so your guests can choose the pillow feel that works best for them.

Always add a duvet, especially if your home gets cold at night. A duvet is also a great option because it makes it easier to make the bed. Lastly, include additional linens, blankets and pillows should your guests need them.

Choose a Good Mattress

A good mattress is a must because you want your guests to wake up relaxed in the morning. There are different types of mattresses to choose from, but a great option for a guest bedroom is a memory foam mattress. These mattresses provide varying levels of firmness depending on your guests’ weight. They also contour depending on their body shape to give them a comfortable night of sleep. It would be best to avoid coil mattresses as these can be uncomfortable for some people.

Add a Bedside Table

You want your guests to have somewhere to place items like phones and watches. The best way to do this is to provide a bedside table. You do not have to go out of your way to provide an expensive table either; you can find lots of cheap bedside tables online. Foldable tables are a great option in this case because you can always put them away once your guests leave.

Consider leaving a jug of water and a glass on the table should they get thirsty at night. A flower vase is also a great addition, for both the look and the scents.

Streamline the Colour Palette

Colour can make or break your guests’ experience. There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a colour or colours for the guest bedroom, but the most important thing to remember is to keep things consistent. If you use too many colours, especially those that do not complement each other, the bedroom will look cluttered, disorganised and disorienting. Some of the most common bedroom colour ideas include having an all-white bedroom, mixing warm and cool colours or even using darker times.

White sheets, blankets, pillows, walls and furniture will make the guest bathroom feel luxurious and might even mimic the looks of a high-end hotel. Mixing warm and cool colours is a great way to ensure that the bedroom does not look too monotonous and crisp. Using darker tomes is a great way to create a sense of cosiness and intimacy.

If you are having a hard time choosing a colour or creating a colour palette for your guest bathroom, you should check out these bedroom colour ideas. In this guide, you will learn what the different colours represent as well as the feelings they create when used in a bedroom. Those bedroom colour ideas were curated by Make My Blinds, the leading blinds retailer in the UK. Make My Blinds sells high-end blinds for all rooms in your house, including blackout blinds for your bedroom that promote better sleep.

Include Beauty Items

For extra points, consider creating a basket or tray that includes some beauty items. These can include white towels, body wash, shampoo and fragrant soap. Do not forget to add a toothbrush and toothpaste. The good thing here is that creating such a basket is very cheap as you can walk into any store and purchase the items you think your guests will like. Just ensure that all the beauty items you add are free of allergens.

Create a Reading Space

Some of your guests will love somewhere to read when they come over. An armchair is a great option in this regard. You can add comfortable cushions and covers to make your guests comfortable. If you have them, also include a selection of your best books and magazines. A great alternative to an armchair is a nook below your windows. Many homes already have these nooks and the only thing left to do is to add the items necessary to make them comfortable for your guests to sit in.

Add a Mirror

A mirror is a great addition as it serves several purposes. First, the mirror will be appreciated by guests who will be living out of their suitcases. Second, a mirror can make a bedroom appear larger than it is. You can find a full-length mirror online or at a store near you. While you are there, you can also grab some hooks to add beside the mirror. These will be great for towels, coats and robes.

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Add Closet Space

Granted, not all houses will have space for a full-size closet. However, having a closet or a closet space will make your guests’ experience infinitely better because they will not have to live out of their suitcases while they visit.

If you do not have a full-size closet, you can always create enough space by emptying any wardrobes that are in the guest room. This will give your guests somewhere to place their clothes and other items once they start unpacking. A hanging rail is also a great option if you do not have a closet or wardrobes to store clothes in. It is an inexpensive option that can be added to the bedroom easily. It can also be put away when not in use.

Provide Extra Robes and Towels

If you want to recreate the feel of living in a hotel, provide your guests with extra robes and towels. This will allow them to have extras in case they put some in the washer. You can also provide flip flops alongside the robes and towels.

Provide Reading Lights

While having a reading space is great, it can be annoying to have the light on when other guests are trying to sleep. To solve this problem, add reading lights on either side of the beds in the bedroom. This will allow anyone who wants to sleep to do so without the glare of the light of someone who is trying to read.

Add Interesting Art

If you have bare walls, the bedroom will look boring. You can spice up the space by hanging some art. It does not have to be expensive art either because you can always add photographs you have taken yourself or find cheap, decorative art online. Creating a gallery wall is another great idea. Art will tie the room together and make it feel more homely and luxurious without being expensive or taking up any space.

When you have guests over, you should try to make their visit as comfortable as possible. Your guests will spend a sizable part of their day in their bedrooms and so you should try to ensure that it feels warm and welcoming.

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