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11 Things Anyone Can Do To Feel Good Fast

11 Things Anyone Can Do To Feel Good Fast

If you need a quick mood boost, there are a lot of things you can do to make that happen. It might feel like a bad day, but with just a few of the things on this list you can quickly turn your mood around. Read on for 11 suggestions that can help you to feel good fast: 

Catch Up With A Friend or Family Member 

If there’s a friend you haven’t caught up with for a while but you know you should, why not give them a call or a facetime? See how they are, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Catching up with a friend will give you a boost of happy hormones and you’ll feel so much better for it. Humans are not meant to live in isolation, although many of us do these days. Do what you can to stay in touch with the people who matter to you. 

Do Something Nice For Somebody Else

Doing something nice for somebody else has actually been proven to make us happier than doing something for ourselves. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do nice things for yourself, but you should consider giving money to charity or paying it forward next time you’re buying coffee! These little acts of kindness really will make a difference to you and the recipient. Pay attention next time you do something good for someone and you’ll soon realize that it feels amazing. 

Have A Pamper Session

Looking after yourself is so important, so having the occasional pamper session is a good idea if you want to boost those good feelings. When was the last time you soaked in the bath, put on a face mask, or took the time to read a book? Do whatever you consider to be pampering and have fun doing it. Don’t feel guilty for it! 

Treat Yourself To Something Nice

It’s not a good idea to treat yourself every time you feel you need a boost – this is how people get into debt. However, buying yourself a small gift every so often can be a nice little boost. Sometimes, treating yourself is worth it. Just be mindful that these feelings don’t last – you don’t want to fall into the trap of having to buy yourself something every time you feel sad

Dress In Clothes You Love 

Wearing clothes you love can make life so much better. Don’t save your clothes for special occasions and instead, dress how you want to feel each day. Show off your individual style and have fun with it. Clothes should be enjoyed, as well as suit your lifestyle. There’s no reason to only dress nicely when you’re going to an event. 

Take Care Of Your Health and Wellbeing

Taking care of your health and wellbeing is the key to long term happiness. Exercise can give you an immediate endorphin boost, making you feel confident and happy almost right away. Both the short and long term effects are amazing, so incorporate that into your routine. 

Change Up Your Look Every So Often 

Have fun changing up your look. Why not go for a temporary hair color or style? You could even try some temporary veneers to see what you’d look like with a perfectly white, straight smile. Remember, you don’t have to look ‘perfect’ or fit society’s definition of looking good. You simply have to please yourself. Try to be authentic and make sure you love the way you look. That could mean having pink hair, experimenting with makeup, or trying a completely new style of dressing. It’s up to you. Remember, you only live once! 

Drink Water All Day 

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You’d be surprised at how much drinking a big glass of water can perk you up right away. Most people drink coffee, tea, and even soda and forget how great water is for energy and mood. Even a small drop in hydration levels can cause problems with mood and energy, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day. If you need a quick boost, drink a whole glass. Remember, don’t just wait until you’re thirsty to drink water, as that means you’re already dehydrated. 

Eat a Good Meal

There’s nothing quite like eating a good, delicious, balanced meal to make us feel good. Maybe you need some comfort food, or maybe what you need is a big bowl of vegetables. Eating a balanced diet is key, but only you can listen to your body and figure out what is truly going to satisfy you in that moment. Again, it’s easy to use food as a crutch every time you are dealing with difficult emotions. However, when you can eat a balanced diet without an all or nothing attitude, you’ll have a much better time. 

Meditate for 5-10 Minutes 

Spending 5-10 minutes meditating whenever you feel low could help to give you more feelings of peace and tranquility, as well as creativity. Meditation has a plethora of benefits, both in the long term and the short term. If you can get into a good routine with it, then you should find you really begin to reap the rewards. 

Spend Time On A Hobby 

Spending time on a hobby helps us to remember that we’re more than just our jobs, and other mundane things going on in our lives. Hobbies are great sources of relaxation and enjoyment, and can help to challenge us, get us out of our comfort zones, and see us grow. At the very least, we can get out of our own heads and into the flow state for a bit! 

If you pick a few of the above things and give them a try, you should feel in a lighter, better mood in no time. Some of the activities have cumulative effects too, meaning that if you keep them up, you’ll benefit even more! Do you have anything you think should be on the list for quick mood boosting properties? Leave a comment below. Thanks for reading! 

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