10 Ways To Get Better At Quizzing

While pub quizzes have always been a popular form of entertainment since the COVID-19 pandemic online quizzes and Zoom quizzes with family and friends have been a lifeline for many people who have been stuck at home and bored. However, some people dread the quiz, they worry too much about their general knowledge and fear that they’ll embarrass themselves. Well, fear not, there is nothing to worry about, and here are ten ways for you to improve your quizzing skills. 

Do More Quizzes

Just like everything else, practice makes perfect and one of the best ways to improve your quizzing skills is to do more quizzing. The great thing is you can do this in your own time because there are plenty of online quizzes you can simply do by yourself – no need for a team or an event, you can simply log on and do a quiz. The more you do, the more you will improve and you’ll soon notice that you’re better and more confident the next time you’re joining on with the family Zoom quiz. 

Set Quizzes For Other People

Another really good way to get your quiz knowledge up is to set quizzes for other people. Volunteer to write a quiz for your next event and make it as general as you can. You could have different rounds for food, music, and sport, etc and what will be great for you is that you’ll have to research to find your questions and answers. You could try googling ‘quiz questions’ and you’ll find plenty of options and inspiration or you could go it alone and if for example, you’re wanting to set a question on food, research a popular recipe and look at the ingredients and then your question could be ‘what is the main ingredient for…?’ One thing that makes a really good quiz is to ask people questions they think they know but can’t think of off the top of their head, so if you come across some information which you know you know, but you have forgotten or wouldn’t remember the name without checking, then others will likely be the same. 

Follow Sport

There is always a sports round in a quiz and if it’s not your thing then just try to follow the headlines and the scores. For example when it’s transfer season, just know about the bigs ones such as Atletico Madrid – €1.35bn transfer or try to remember the well-known players and where they went. Look at the scores or watch the first half of Match of The Day each week, because you never know, some of the information might just go in. 

Read More Books

From non-fiction to fiction to reference books to The Bible, if you want to be better at quizzing then make time to read more books. If there is a popular book at the time, then read it, if there are classics that you should have read but haven’t or perhaps books you read in school but have forgotten them, then read them again. Even if a quiz question doesn’t come up, you’ll have read some wonderful books and you’ll be ready for whenever a question does arise. 

Learn From Your Mistakes

When you have taken part in a quiz, try to take a note of the questions you got wrong and do a bit of homework afterward. While that same question may never come up again, doing this will help you to realize what topics you’re not so hot on and help you to realize where you could improve. 

Watch TV Quizzes

You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from watching The Chase, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, EggHeads, Mastermind, and University Challenge to name a few. Make a point of watching these shows and playing along. Again, you’ll be able to learn from your mistakes but you’ll also just learn so much and gain so much knowledge from those questions and answers

Listen To Music

Whether it’s the charts or new releases on Amazon Prime Music or Apple Music, make sure you know what’s going on and have a little listen. There could easily be a question about a new album and if you do spot that Taylor Swift has released a new album then you could take it upon yourself to check the names of the rest of her albums just in case it comes up. It won’t just be new music that you’ll be asked about in a music quiz or round either, so have a look at well-known or best-selling albums or singles and find out some music facts and then listen to the songs so that you get familiar with them. You never know when you’ll be needed to ‘name that tune.’

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Watch TV Series

If there’s a TV series that everyone’s talking about, then watch it. From Love Island to Strictly Come Dancing to whatever’s trending on Netflix, get involved, and watch it. If it’s something like a popular reality show then you could just keep up with the headlines, so as long as you know who’s been evicted and who has won you should be fine and able to get away without actually watching it, but when it comes to something like Tiger King, then sit and watch it so that you have all the answers to those Carole Baskin questions. 

Ask Questions

If you ever don’t understand something, then ask. Whether it’s to friends or family or colleagues, just ask. Perhaps you don’t understand something to do with the government, ask someone to explain it to you, because it could be that once you know that, other things make sense too. 

Read The Newspaper

Reading the newspaper will keep you in the know and you’ll always be thankful that you did it when it comes to a quiz. Reading the newspaper isn’t just useful for topical events, but often you’ll remember things from years ago which you have read in the news and the information sticks with you if you followed the story. Even if you just remember the headline, it could be the answer to the winning question. 


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