What The Jeff Is Self-Care?

February 21, 2018
what is self-care

The word ‘self-care’ must be the Hygge of 2018. As once we threw faux rugs, fairy lights and massive cushions around our homes with abandon, now we’re having candle-lit baths, drinking more water and learning how to meditate. If you’re able, that is: I can’t seem to sit still in a room for longer than 2 minutes unless there is a computer of phone screen in front of me (which is why I should probably persist with all those meditation…

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cosmopolitan cocktail

The New Cosmopolitan Cocktail

I always feel like my coming of age in the Sex and the City generation has had a huge influence on the person I am today. Watching endless episodes of the show throughout my latter teen years and at university – I always thought…

February 14, 2018
All-White House

An All-White House Update

We’ve been in our house for over a year and every so often I like to take a bit of a stock-take of how it’s all going. With two kids, a busy life and an open-plan way of living the space naturally becomes cluttered…

February 13, 2018
Home Made Fish Finger Wraps

MTT: Home Made Fish Finger Wraps

One of the struggles I have had with trying to improve my family’s diet is that my kids, they don’t really care about improving our family’s diet. They’re not concerned about squeezing at least two portions of fish into their weekly food roster: they’re…

February 9, 2018
Own Your Fears

Owning My Fears

As a top-notch worrier, the niggly things I waste time thinking about are many and varied. From being scared of flying (I’m a control freak so naturally assume I could probably pilot a plane better than, erm, a Pilot) to fretting about the wrinkles…

February 7, 2018
giving love

Giving Love at Home For Valentine’s

One thing I’ve always been absolutely desperate for my children to grow up knowing is that, though ours is a slightly unconventional family situation, they are completely and wholly loved. This has been one of those ‘make it up as you go along’ type…

February 6, 2018
what I read January

What I Read: January

Is reading four books a month really such an achievement? I think it is, and here are the tomes I tore through these last 30 days! …

February 5, 2018
Easy Asian Fish with green veg

MTT: Easy Asian Fish with Green Veg

One of the best things about working from home is that I no longer have the option to spend all my money on food. At the height of my appetite, when I was pregnant and working in London, I’d buy three meals out daily:…

February 1, 2018
January Detox

The Big New Year Detox

I once did a 3 day juice detox. The hunger was maddening: for dinner on the first day I caved and cooked a curry, on the second I bought fish and chips, and on the final day I gave up entirely and supplemented my…

February 1, 2018
winter blues

Beating Those Persistent Winter Blues

So we’re about 108 days into January – I mean, it feels that way, right? – and I am thoroughly over winter. Not to worry! Here are some tried-and-tested strategies for getting through the darkest of the months.…

January 30, 2018
easy vitamins

The Stealth Vitamins You Need To Be Taking

One of the best things about having slightly older children is they have reached an age when they are able to feed themselves. I’m not talking full 3 course meal with coffees and petits fours here, but they’re quite capable to grab a snack…

January 30, 2018