The Perfect Night’s Sleep (Does It Exist?)

As all new parents know, sleep is the most precious commodity when you have children. You rue the days you spent pre-kids with long weekends open to do anything you wanted, long evenings wasted socialising and going to gigs and eating food when you could have been enjoying the sweet sweet caress of your bed.

Gayle’s Open Plan Scandi Home in Worthing

I’ve always admired the brilliant Gayle Mansfield: she’s an artist, owner of the lovely Gayle Mansfield Designs, and has the most incredible aesthetic in her home… think the most stylish open plan Scandi with touches of texture, greenery and exposed brickwork. It’s pretty much an interiors dream in her period Worthing property.

Work That Works – Sophie Kinsella, Author

If I said the name Becky Bloomwood to you, what would that mean?
To me Becky Bloomwood is so much of my late teens and early twenties. She was the person who made me feel not-so crap about the fact I was terrible with money, she was someone who made me laugh, made me cry, she taught me so much about life, love and who I wanted to be.

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