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What Feminism Means To Me

What is a Feminist? This morning I tweeted about International Woman’s Day and said simply that I have never been happier to be a girl. And it is true… this is why. Pre-separation I didn’t really think much about the concept of the Feminist. I’m ashamed to say that for me at that time it […]…

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Divorce: What I’ve Learned

Two years down the line and my divorce is final. It happened last week, the week after I was made redundant and on my last day in the London office. It was a big day for life changes, that Thursday – divorce and redundancy – totes emosh, as the kids say. Or actually not so […]…


The Redundant Life

My job, my lovely lovely job in the brilliantly wonderful ad agency has gone. It has moved down to London without me, like a 23 year old bright eyed graduate leaving home with stars in her eyes. Along with the rest of my lovely lovely team’s jobs, it’s migrated down the M1 to the big […]…

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How To Have It All

For the longest time I believed that ‘having it all’ revolved around ‘what the outside world thinks you have’. I thought it meant how big your house was, how new your car was, what your husband did, how well behaved your kids were, what clothes you wore. And it wasn’t until I found myself at […]…

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A Catch-Up Mind Dump. You’re Welcome.

The thing about sharing your life a couple of times a week through your computer is that if something happens and you’re unable to do it for a while it just becomes harder and¬†harder to get back on to it. Your list of ‘things I want to tell that bunch of virtual strangers’ becomes almost […]…


Turning That Frown Upside Down

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Not literally, you see I seem to stick to the left side (never been a starfisher) but I woke up in a vile mood. Grumpy. It was 6am, I was tired, Hux was shouting about wee wees and all I wanted to do […]…

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The Life And Times Of A Working Mum

6am: alarm goes off. I swear like a sailor because really this is way too early for any human to be awake. Hi, I am not a morning person, nice to meet you. 6.15am: the latest possible time I can drag myself up out of bed. Get in the shower before the kids stir¬†which usually […]…