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Dating in the Digital Age

Do You Need To Be Less Nice To Get Ahead At Work?

In life isn’t it nice to be nice? At home, at work, with your family. I’m a big believer in getting back what you give out and try to use this a basis for the way I treat other people. My thought is, that if I treat others the way I wish to be treated then I shall set myself up for the happiest life possible.

Imposter Syndrome

The Curse of Imposter Syndrome

There’s no demographic I know that holds themselves up to such high standards as mums, and women in general. For one reason or another we always seem to set ourselves the most ridiculous high bars of achievement. At home, at work, with our friends…. Everywhere.
This is something I’ve noticed increasingly in myself as I’ve grown older.


What Feminism Means To Me

What is a Feminist?
This morning I tweeted about International Woman’s Day and said simply that I have never been happier to be a girl.
And it is true… this is why.
Pre-separation I didn’t really think much about the concept of the Feminist.

Single Life

Divorce: What I’ve Learned

Two years down the line and my divorce is final. It happened last week, the week after I was made redundant and on my last day in the London office. It was a big day for life changes, that Thursday – divorce and redundancy – totes emosh, as the kids say.
Or actually not so totes emosh, really.


The Redundant Life

My job, my lovely lovely job in the brilliantly wonderful ad agency has gone.
It has moved down to London without me, like a 23 year old bright eyed graduate leaving home with stars in her eyes. Along with the rest of my lovely lovely team’s jobs, it’s migrated down the M1 to the big city for bigger and better things.