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The Three Minute Makeup Routine

November 28, 2016
three minute makeup

I am wholeheartedly a beauty person. In a world where my life is dictated by two little ones, beauty is something that makes me feel like I’m giving myself a little treat. I can do it from home and is an activity I can spend five or fifty minutes on, depending on what those little ones need from me in that particular moment. It’s not something you need to be an expert in to enjoy, and if you fancy reading…

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VIDEO: The 5 Minute Makeover With Boutique By Sainsbury’s

May 3, 2016

I might be a beauty person, but I am NOT a make-up person. Believe me, there’s been many the disaster at my bedroom mirror involving a tube of liquid eyeliner, a YouTube video and the notion of a ‘winged eye’. I just don’t have the time or the patience for it. I’m trying to work on my aversion to slap, after all, at the age of 30 it’s about time I learned how to do myself up nicely. I’m getting…

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How To Be A (Good) Parent

February 1, 2013

Here are my tips on being a good parent… today with guest appearances from Elfie AND Hux! Spoiler, they include lipstick, speaking French and Kate Middleton.  HAPPY FRIDAY! PS: In case you’re wondering if this is a joke, yes it is. Apart from the wine thing. Always know when your next glass of wine is coming.   …

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Elfie Life

We Love The Olympics

August 8, 2012

Here’s the thing: when I was a kid I was pretty good at sport, but at that age I preferred books. I preferred books so much that I would hide in the library at lunch time until the sports teacher would find me and make me come to Athletics club, kicking and screaming. I HATED Athletics club, which I suppose was a big shame as I was such a skinny minnie until the age of 20, apparently I had the…

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Happy Birthday, David!

October 13, 2011

My BFF Kirsty left London for NYC at the end of September; there’s us up there at the Chambord Rendezvous event the week before her departure (although it turns out Chambord isn’t so much fun when you’re pregnant). I miss her very much, we used to work together, play together, and would always end up laughing together. She does awesome things like upload a photograph of Prince William in her crotch and then tags me. Anyway, it’s David‘s birthday today (the…

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