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Home Tour: Our Village Bungalow

April 18, 2017
home tour bungalow - living space

There’s nothing I love more than a good snoop around other peoples’ homes, so I’m delighted to start a season of house tours, right here on the blog. I’ve hunted down my favourite homes and chatted to their inhabitants about how they live their with their families. It’s a dream for a Nosey Parker like me!  Kicking off the series I decided to begin with my own home, which we moved to in December of last year… The hallway and…

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The Montpellier Chapter, Cheltenham

April 25, 2012

Before Elfie came along Will and I didn’t really take much time to enjoy time as a couple. It had been just the two of us for over six years so there seemed no need to make a special effort having ‘us time’. But this time around spending time as a couple before the new arrival gets here has been much more of a priority and we’ve made a big effort to go out to dinner and do things we…

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June 17, 2011

We have just returned from 3 days in Ibiza. It was an experience. I took 2 cameras and managed to snap only about 40 (grainy and wobbly) photographs; sat in our hot tub so long that both my spray tan and nail varnish came off; had so much more fun than I expected I would; read TWO WHOLE BOOKS and really can’t wait to go back. I missed Elfie in a way I can’t describe but had an absolute ball…

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