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MTT Travel: Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, LHR – JFK

As I get older I start to realise how important experiences are. When it comes down to it, in my old age will I feel thankful for all those cheaply made Primark t shirts I thought was so important back when I was in my early twenties? No! I’ll feel thankful for that time I swam in a pool on a Bangkok rooftop or had oysters and champagne at the highest point in London.


MTT Travel: The Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, NYC

When I booked to go to New York for my 30th birthday I knew the saying ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ would apply. Because you only get one 30th birthday and the last time I’d been in The Big Apple was mid-divorce so I thought, you know what, LET’S DO THIS.


Three Do South Bank

Is there anything more beautiful than London in the sunshine?
Yes there is – London in the sunshine when your children are behaving like little angels!
I used to be a bit scared of bringing my beasties into town. I never quite got the hang of using the pram on the tube’s network of escalators and relying on black cabs got to be quite expensive.


Single Parent Summers

Being a parent when your children aren’t there is an odd thing. It happens for me every other weekend and the odd week during the summer; the kids go off to spend time down south with their dad and I’m left to my own devices.
I alternate between a couple of feelings at this time.

Canal. Amsterdam. Netherland

Affordable Family Holidays in Europe

I’m starting to get to that time with my family when they’re old enough to appreciate a holiday abroad. At 3 and 5 they’ve been to a couple of different countries already – Madrid for a family wedding and our epic cruise a year or two ago – but now I’d like to show them now what foreign travel is really all about.

The Town Hall Hotel review

MTT Travel: The Town Hall Hotel, Bethnal Green

On occasion I’m one of those people who gets smug about no longer living in London. I noticed it when I went for lunch with my Sister-in-Law recently; I started waxing lyrical about the low crime rates, big houses, affordable living costs and good schools out here. And it’s only 30 minutes into Euston!!! Amazing!!!!
I do adore living out here, it’s true.