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How to become a morning person

How To Become A Morning Person

There aren’t many things I would change about myself A slightly smaller nose, maybe? A speedier metabolism, or hair that isn’t quite so unruly, perhaps?
One thing I have always been unhappy with is the struggle I face each and every morning to get out of bed. I am not, nor have I ever been, a morning person.


Should Children Share A Bedroom?

When I moved house almost two years ago post-separation I got a bit sniffy about downsizing my home. This was in the days when I believed that the size of your house was directly relevant to your happiness, you understand, and not because I was a massive insufferable snob back then (HONEST).

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The Golden Hour

Every single night at about 11pm I tiptoe quietly into the bedroom next to mine. I go to Hux first, who is always lying on his tummy, with his nose snuggled into his favourite smelly old muslin cloth. He has a little boy bed head and I bend down to sniff it and kiss his lovely little ears.

I love sleep

Sleep Is For The Weak

…or so the saying goes. Not as far as I’m concerned… I’m not weak and I still need as much sodding sleep as I can get; eight hours if possible.
When I was mid-way through my bout of PND my mental health nurse spoke to me a lot about sleep.



Before I had a baby I never thought much about sleep as a commodity. It was something I loved to do (and would do as much as possible) but if I ended up at a party on a Wednesday night until 4am it was no big deal. I could sleep at the weekend, right?
Oh, how I laugh at my poor naive selve. In the golden-sleep days I didn’t start work until 10am.


Sleep Regression

This post originally appeared at my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk.
My gorgeous, lovely, slept-through-the-night-since-six-weeks baby girl has become a nightmare.
Last night she woke up at 3am for the day: in the last week we’ve had a couple of 5am-ers but that was the absolute worst.


Google It!

This post originally appeared in my old blog, www.the-alice.co.uk
I have made my career in working with computers for a reason. Computers, and the internet, are predictable. You do A using method B and get the result of C. There are very rarely any problems, and if there are Google always has the answer.
Parenting is totally different.