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Single Mum Dating: 4 Years On

March 15, 2017
4 years of dating

When I came to the dating scene four years ago after being in a long-term relationship, I was blindly optimistic. The number of dates I’d been on in my life had amounted to approximately six, with number six being with my ex-husband (and after we were ‘a couple’, so did it really count?); having spent my late teens being wooed over warm snakebite in the SU bar I was excited to live some kind of perceived single-woman Carrie Bradshaw dream. Except…

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Single Life

Avoiding Christmas: Bah, Humbug

December 29, 2016
avoiding christmas

Today I had my first festive cry of the season. Pretty good as it’s the 29th December and I’ve waited until 2 hours until the kids come home before having my Christmas sob, not so good when you consider the fact I’m presently only 20% human: the rest of me is made up of sausage rolls and red wine. It took a text from my best friend asking simply asking how I am to make me go all chin-wobbly, and…

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What Being a Single Parent Feels Like

June 1, 2016
why are mums tired

I watched Myleene Klass’s Single Parents On Benefits programme last night. In fact, 24 hours before it aired I got cross when I read the title of the programme (mistake number one). And then, at 2am that night when I couldn’t sleep, I read the Daily Mail article slating all the mums on the programme (mistake number two). Which is why, at 7am the next morning when I was getting my single mum arse on an early train for a big work…

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Motherhood Single Life

Mother’s Day For Three

March 6, 2016
single parent family

Today marks a special Mother’s day: I’ve now had more of them single than I did married. High fives all round! Mother’s Day these days is, if you don’t mind me saying so, a bit fraught with emotion. It’s rare I see the standard ‘breakfast in bed, happy family’ situation, as I feel I used to when I was in the same happy family fug. Maybe it’s me, but now I notice the women without mothers, I’m sensitive to those…

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