MTT (and Elfie) Goes Camping


I’m going to give you some news that may shock you.

I went camping. And enjoyed it.

One of the things I love most about Elfie’s school is how social it is and once a year they hold a local camping expedition. Everyone’s invited – brothers, sisters, grandparents, dogs – and this year we all took off five miles down the road to our local country park and camp site.


I was a total novice this year with a tent of my parents’ (that couldn’t be used as it broke so some friends kindly lent me their spare – thank-you Ellie!) and a sleeping bag that hasn’t been used since my Duke of Edinburgh days. But I thought I’d use the experience as a dry run, see how I enjoyed the whole thing and then asses whether or not I’d want to camp again in the future.

This was camping done right. A coolbox full of ice and wine and friends to share it with, the kids entertaining each other until they were forced into tents by rain at 10pm, a fish and chip supper from the local village, morning croissants and tea served out of one of the mother’s campervans. It made me realise that, if you camp with the right people and at the right places, camping can be a ball!


And so I came home, convinced my parents to replace their broken tent with a fancy blow-up pole one (seriously, these contraptions are incredible) and started researching all I would need for our next camping trip.

So this one goes out to any of you who have thought about camping but haven’t yet taken the plunge: DO IT! I’m excitedly planning our next expedition (erm, and the colour of the rug I’ll be using inside the tent, #priorities) and can’t wait for a bit of adventure in The Great Outdoors. If you want to ease into it slowly then take a look at the amazing glamping trip Kat went on recently but otherwise I’ve included all my camping essentials for you below. Enjoy, get wet and have fun!!


Hunter wellies, £89.95, Outdoor and Country. Berghaus Air 6 tent, £499.99, Millets. Women’s Guardian Jacket, £249, Rohan. Women’s showerproof hat, £14.95, Joules. Vango Tent Carpet, £34.95, Amazon. Tropen sleeping bag, £180, Halfords.

What are your best tips for camping in the great outdoors?

Who Wants To Be a (Boots Points) Millionaire?


I must go in a Boots store at least once a week. I remember it from when I was spending my very first wages from my very first job as a pot washer in the pub in the next village. I earned the princely sum of £3.00 an hour – I can still see the orange eyeshadow palette I bought from No7 that autumn. It ROCKED.

My tastes have moved on a bit since then but my Boots loyalty has not. It’s one of those safe places on the high street where you know exactly what you’re going to get and what it’s going to cost – like John Lewis or Pizza Express. When I was in New York last week (did I mention I’d been to New York? I feel like I’ve hardly discussed it ;) I felt comforted to find a Boots aisle right in the middle of a Duane Reed pharmacy… a little bit of unexpected England slap-bang in the centre of Williamsburg.

One of my favourite things to do at Boots is to save up my Advantage Card points until I have ridonkulous amounts and then splash out on something I wouldn’t usually buy myself. I’m one of those people who closely monitors the advantage card points offers, pouncing when there’s a 500 bonus for a high spend or 100 extra points for toothpaste Today I received 350 extra points for buying a St Tropez product that had been already reduced from £14.50 to £9: I felt like I’d won the lottery!

Boots are currently running the chance of a treat of a lifetime for Advantage Card holders; one lucky user of the Advantage card app is going to become a Boots millionaire, winning 1,000,000 Boots points, worth £10,000! To celebrate this they’ve asked me to have a think about what I’d spend a million Boots points on.

This was not a difficult task.

The last time I splashed out using my points I bought a really fancy Kent hairbrush. I love the fact you can do this – it feels like guilt-free splurging. Carrying on the hair theme, if I was a Boots millionaire I’d look at buying new curling tongs and a lifetime supply of Moroccan Oil.

I love the range of brands Boots stock and my favourites run from Essie to Clinique, Soap and Glory to Clarins. Clinique’s bonus time is a double whammy for me as you can get points AND freebies, and I’d use my million points to purchase every single one of their chubby sticks. I’d also head to Molton Brown for hand soap and cream, followed by Essie for thousands of nail polishes.

I’d treat the kids too, of course (probably) – I love the clothes in Boots’ Mini Club range and then I’d buy a lifetime supply of nighttime nappies because those things are expensive.

If you want to take part all you have to do is download the Boots App then go to ‘my offers’ before 4th August – check back on 19th August to see what you’ve been treated to!

What would you buy if you became a Boots points millionaire?

A Bit Of Bling: Diamonds By Vashi

I love diamonds. What’s not to love about a beautiful diamond?

When I got engaged I found a whole appreciation for the world of diamonds. Cut, clarity, colour… I think there is something just so amazing about them and other precious stones – both in engagement rings and other jewellery that you can pass down through generations. I’m still planning on eventually transforming my engagement diamond into a beautiful piece that I can give to Elfie one day.

Despite now not wearing a diamond on that finger anymore I still love to appreciate the beauty of a gorgeous diamond ring. I follow both The Cut London and StoneFox Brides just because sometimes it’s fun to look at gorgeous jewellery. And it’s for this same reason I was really happy to take a look at Vashi Dominguez, diamond expert extraordinaire.

Vashi and his team select only 1 in 10 of the gorgeous diamonds they see to bring you a ring with maximum sparkle and beauty. Together the experts will use this beautiful diamond to create an engagement ring just for you that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Now, I should probably have a boyfriend before I start thinking engagement rings but looking can’t hurt, right? Here are my favourites made at the talented hands of Vashi, and see more gorgeous rings in situ click through to Vashi Moments:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.40.48


In my opinion you can’t go far wrong with a gorgeous halo ring and this is my absolute favourite – 0.78 carats of stunning beauty (£2,120).

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.41.30


I kind of love this Kate Middleton-esque sapphire engagement ring. Pick this for something a little bit different… (£1,287)

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.42.14

Side Stones

I think I might love this ring a little bit more than I should. You just know this VVS1 clarity is going to produce some almighty sparkle… I’ll take it, please future boyfriend! (£3,906)

Now, there’s nothing I love more than looking at engagement rings than hearing proposal stories. Tell me yours in the comments!

Thank-you Vashi for introducing me to your lovely diamonds! 




My 1st Years – Gifts For New Babies


What’s one of the best bits about having babies?

The talcum powder smell, the love and joy they give you, the fun you have with them?

Noooo, one of the best bits about babies is shopping for them!

Unfortunately my two just keep growing and growing (grrr – but my gosh weren’t they gorgeous?!) so Baby Gap is no longer as exciting as it once was, but a girl can dream. I don’t think that ‘shopping’ is enough of a reason to have another child so luckily my friends have started re-creating, meaning I can indulge my baby shopping fantasies (thats shopping for items for babies, not shopping for actual babies) without being pregnant. Fun!


I think that when you have a baby it’s wonderful to receive really special gifts for them. When my two were small my friends were incredibly generous and gifted us with a plethora of gorgeous items and I’m happy to carry that tradition on. Which is how I came across My 1st Years.

My 1st Years started with value, personalisation and quality in mind and is growing to be one of the biggest personal baby gift companies in the UK. Their tagline is ‘Made With Love’ and the founders really enjoy seeing the pleasure and joy their products bring to new parents. I love a happy business story!

They offer a really wide range of products so I’ve picked out some of my favourites to show you. If you’re really struggling though I think a personalised baby blanket is always a lovely way to show someone you’re excited about their new arrival and my favourite is the cable knit. It’s truly a gift that will be treasured forever; I still have Elfie and Hux’s old baby blankets on their beds, and yes I nuzzle them on occasion. Weird things mums do, right?


Clockwise, from top left: gingham dressing gown £25, limited edition gold throne £200, ditsy storage basket £35, soldier pyjamas £30, pack of two bibs £12.

Thank-you My 1st Years for supporting MTT! 

Voucherbin: For All Your Maternity Discounts

This post has been brought to you in collaboration with Voucherbin. IMG_5573-635x954

Motherhood is a not a job but a blessing. During pregnancy your body goes through several changes and you begin to feel like a new person. Would-be mothers need to prepare themselves for their destination- Motherhood. It is necessary to feel good and you will need several products to make the journey to motherhood an unforgettable experience. Shopping during pregnancy can be tiresome so the best way to get what you want without tiring yourself is visiting VoucherBin and purchasing all you need from the stores listed on the portal and save money using the vouchers presented on the website.

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Gifts For Me, I Mean Her: The British Edition

I bloody love being British.

I’m very proud of our country and the lovely lives we are able to have here: the NHS, our schooling system, the British companies I work for and with, the epic brilliance that is our capital city of London, the beauty of our countryside. Despite thinking I was always a bit wanderlust-y I can say with certainty that there is nowhere else in the world I’d rather live. Crap weather, imperfect politics and all.

As I get older I find I like to do lots more British things. I’ve just been on a weekend break to the Lake District for example (with my wellies and my wax jacket!), and you could not pay any money to part me from my weekly stroll around my favourite British supermarket (Waitrose) with a cup of English Breakfast and the Times in my trolley. I’m taking Elfie out for her first afternoon tea next weekend and I really enjoy a jolly old moan (I also enjoy saying ‘jolly old…’).

I’m so British you can call me sodding Mary Poppins. Though I don’t have her patience with small people, unfortunately.

So this year I’ve decided to go very patriotic in my approach to Christmas shopping. I’ve decided (weirdly, maybe) that all presents I buy for friends and family will be from British companies. Why? I DON’T KNOW. But here’s my very British rundown of stocking fillers for women (clue: some of you might need a bigger stocking):


1. My very favourite wax jacket is from my very favourite British countryside company, Joules. But because I can’t afford one of their lovely jackets for everyone (sorry) their bath and body sets are a very acceptable replacements. My favourite is this Blooming Brilliant Weekend Bag at £45, which is not only choc full with treats but is a re-usable tote bag too.

2. If you have any new mothers in your life – STOP! Don’t look any further for a gift for them than the lovely hand-crafted jewellery company Epanoui. I love how everything Hannah produces is specially made by her just down the road from me and I can personally vouch for how gorgeous her pieces are. If I’d just had a baby I’d love nothing more than one of Epanoui’s Heritage Name necklaces (£65). Really stunning.

3. Epanoui again, but this time to their range of linen scarves. Nothing says class like a lovely scarf (really!) and my favourite is the Amelie at £49.

4. If you really really love someone, have a think about splashing out on a Fortnum & Mason’s hamper for them. I bought the Grosvenor (£100) for my parents last Christmas and, despite shedding its straw-like filling all over the carpet, it was very happily received.

5. For something a little different, how about personalised nail varnishes? Enail are a new company who print your own label on your own choice of nail varnish colours (£19.95) before delivering them to the recipient. I love this idea – watch out for a giveaway from them soon.

6. There aren’t many lovelier things than receiving flowers, and with Bloom and Wild‘s subscriptions you can gift someone with a whole year’s worth! Their packages start at £50 for three bunches.

Thanks to Joules for working with MTT!