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Waiting, by Jana Romanova

Waiting, Jana Romanova:
It’s a bit heathen-esque for me to admit that I’ve never been into art. I like a pretty picture as much as the next person but I really have no great appreciation for cows suspended in formaldehyde or great water colours by 18th century French men.


9 Months Of A Bump

9 Months of Bump
When I reviewed my 9 months of a bump with Elfie I commented how amazing the body’s capacity to forget is. You look at photos of your pregnant bump and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside despite nine months of hell and illness. Don’t be fooled by my smiles, they’re just for the camera.


An Instagram Birth Story

The very last pregnancy photo / trying to relax with Balamory
In my naive, blissed-out natural birth-planning state, labour was to go one way, and one way only. The labour niggles would begin, I’d take a paracetamol and get some sleep, take a bath, strap on my TENS machine if it all got a bit much and head into hospital.

Huxley Pregnancy

The Homecoming

We came home yesterday.
Let me tell you, a whole week in hospital on a hot, noisy maternity ward with your new baby really makes you think about and appreciate the small things. Especially when neither of you are ill so the stay seems kind of futile. I  tried to view it as extra healing time for me and extra bonding time with Hux, but I missed Elfie and our home so so much.


He’s Here!

Huxley William Harold arrived yesterday, the 16th May, at 3.04pm. He was born via semi-emergency caesarian after four loooong days of contractions, a worrying period of decreased movements, heartbeat decelerations and a lot of monitoring. It’s been a long week.


Alternative Pregnancy Essentials

When you get pregnant it seems that you open yourself up to be marketed at by what feels like every company in the world, ever. And if you’re anything like me you are so over the moon to be pregnant that you will LOVE each and every last bit of literature or product you are given and will treasure it, reading from cover to cover.


38 Weeks Pregnant

We have reached 38 weeks pregnant!
Which feels very real in terms of baby arrival as Elfie came at about this stage (via planned Caesarian): it’s nearly BABY NUMBER 2 TIME.
My belly is completely stuffed full of baby and as a consequence I have a small(ish) appetite and need to wee all the time. Which is mostly annoying at night.