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MTT: Loaded Potato Skins

As much as I really don’t approve of using food as an emotional crutch there is nothing that will give you a hug from the inside quite like a jacket potato, preferably with cheese and baked beans.


MTT: Authentic Spaghetti Carbonara

A couple of weeks ago I had one of those days. I took a trip to Nottingham, my first solo trip with two babies, for an appointment Elfie had with her specialists in the Genetics department at The Queens Medical Centre. The appointment was at 11am so I left our house in plenty of time at 8.30 but managed to be ten minutes late thanks to a detour back home to pick up my forgotten phone.

Sticky ribs recipe

MTT: The BEST Sticky Ribs Recipe

When I was pregnant with Hux I tried not to subscribe to the whole ‘eating for two’ thing. One, because it’s not true, and two, because when I was pregnant with Elfie I ate two Pret pastries a day and it took me a year to lose three stone of pastry weight.
Breastfeeding, however, is a whole other matter.


MTT: Pulled Pork

Everyone goes mental for pulled pork, don’t they? Even my mum, with whom I had a 10 minute conversation about it ending with her asking why I named a dish after my dad (Paul…. she thought I was cooking Paul’s pork) loves it, despite not knowing what on earth it is.


MTT: Kale and Bacon Hash

Warning: this recipe will change your life.
Ok, it probably won’t, but it might make dinner time more fun a couple of times a month. A version of this appeared in Olive magazine about four years ago and I have never looked back; it’s one of Will’s favourite winter suppers and I love it because it means we get to eat a meal covered in ketchup.

Sausage roll

MTT: Sausage Rolls with Apple

When I found myself with 250g of leftover pork mince and a pack of puff pastry in my fridge, I was not lost for ideas on what to cook. Gregg’s sausage rolls were a staple morning snack when I lived up north in Nottingham and I was also fairly partial to a sausage, bean and cheese melt until I noticed their effect on my thighs.


MTT: Boston Baked Beans

Does Barbecued food contain Umami? I’m not sure, but these barbecue-ish Boston Baked Beans do have a taste that makes me want to simultaneously smack my lips, say “yummmmm”, smile, and rub my belly in a very contented manner. They really are that delicious and moreish.
I’d like to point out that:
1. They’re cooked with Pork Belly