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How To Find Your Happiness

One thing I’ve learned this year is that nobody knows introspection more than a woman who has lived through post-natal depression. And I know this because now I’m almost 365 days out the other side of my experience – a year clean – I search inside for answers more than ever before.


Onwards and Upwards (or, Screw You PND)

One of the things I’ve been most worried about through my desertion of you lovely people is the complete lack of updates I’ve given you on my PND journey. I felt like I shared so much through a time in my life that was probably the hardest for me; the realisation that something was wrong, the awful visit to the GP, the phone calls to the Health Visitor, the Prozac.


Self-Imposed Writers Block

The thing about writing a blog that prides itself on its honesty and ‘bare-all’ attitude is that sometimes you have to draw a line. This writing I do right here is so very important to me and has shaped me in a way I never felt possible.


Another Post-Natal Depression Update…

I‘ll give one thing to Post-Natal Depression; it certainly hangs around a bit!
The last couple of weeks have been OK, bar a couple of beacon-like lovely days in the middle. Elfie’s back to her tricks of waking me up 2 or 3 times a night and this broken sleep affects my mood like nothing else.


High Five For PND!

I expect you have all been waiting with baited breath to find out how my week of medical professionals has gone. Yes? Yes.
It has been a tough week, I won’t lie. Very hard. There have been emotions, discussions, realisations. Man flu. Tiredness.
My Health Visitor came to see me on Monday and she could not have been more supportive.


Happy Mother’s Day

Oh yes, there was an Elfie/Mummy/kitchen scissors haircutting incident. Ahem. More on that soon.
As usual, writing about the way I was feeling yesterday was more therapeutic for me than anything. Getting it all off my chest, hearing I’m not alone and knowing that actually this isn’t all in my head was such a huge boost.


A PND Brain Dump

At the moment all I want to do is wake up in the morning and feel happy to start the day. I cringe when I open my eyes because I feel so groggy, I don’t want to be forced down the stairs to feed little mouths and minds.