What I’m Listening To Right Now

Hux on Keyboards

Much like 95% of the population, I’m pretty into music. I saw my first band at the age of 15 – Weezer, supported by Remy Zero, at the Manchester Apollo in 2002 – and can still remember how amazing it felt when they took to the stage and link for you started playing (“My Name Is Jonas” was the very first song FYI, it still give me chills).

Music saw me through a lot when I was a tortured teenager: The Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Dashboard Confessional, Blink 182, Brand New. And then off to University and the Indie Music Society where we listened to The Smiths and The Cure and I was introduced to The Strokes and The Libertines. Basically if there was a ‘The’ in front of it we were in to it.

In a nutshell, music has got me through a lot of times. Breakups, happy times, teenage angst. Every chapter of my life has had some sort of musical soundtrack to it and I reckon that at any time a quick browse of http://lovelovefilms.com/where-to-get-cialis-cheap my Last.fm account will be able to tell you what sort of mood I’m in. If it’s John Mayer, John Legend or Anthony Hamilton the mood will be loved up: Radiohead or Weezer is teen angst revival: Michael Jackson, Beyonce or N.E.R.D. is Friday kitchen dance party times. I’m an open book.

So I thought I’d share the http://siobhanclancy.com/online-cheap-viagra-buy current favourites in my world. The songs I force the kids to listen to over and over until they roll their eyes and http://sarahvonderheide.com/generic-viagra-lowest-prices say, “not this song again mummy?”. It’s a unique poke into my weird and wonderful music tastes:

Cheating a bit: Sigma normally gets blasted on the treadmill but it’s also an awesome Friday kitchen dance party tune. Also, how much do you want to http://apefluff.com/buying-levitra-online-canada be on a beach right now?

Originally part of the Teen Angst Era, I recently re-visited my love for Ben Folds. This is one of my most favourite love songs in the whole wide world.

Denmark blatantly should have won Eurovision last night. This has been on repeat for the last 24 hours.

Another amazing love song… I could link to the music video but the proposal video that featured the song is buy viagra us just so much better. Betty Who sang at their wedding, did you know that?! HAPPY WEEP.

Because when I grow up I want to be Beyonce.

This song taught me I am able to harmonize. With myself. When I’m driving the rumahkayu.info car. And I’m convinced I’m way better at miming than these guys.

If I can’t be Beyonce then I want to be Chrissy Teigan. Her and John Legend = ultimate beautiful couple. I love this tribute to her.


What are your favourites? Gimme some new music!!

TFI Friday


Whatever kind of mother you are – stay at home, work at home, work in an office – Friday is always SO welcome. For me it means adult conversation and 50% more grown-ups in the house, which in turn means I have 50% more time to do really important stuff like go to the rugby club and drink beer. Or watch Strictly Come Dancing.

In the old days child-free days of full-time work, 5pm on a Friday would mean pub time; these days I like to  get in the weekend mood by cranking up Spotify at tea time and having a mini dance party in the kitchen. Even more fun now Elfie’s stopped putting her hands over her ears when I sing (“Mummy STOP! Don’t LIKE IT”). For this reason I have compiled a specific Friday playlist, full of pop music from a while ago to present day.

So when it comes to we choice that time of day pour yourself a glass of cialis profesional wine and stick this on. For that extra frisson of not knowing what’s coming next put the playlist on ‘random’ – we are living on the edge here.

Oh and the playlist is called ‘Mummy Needs Wine’, for obvious reasons. You are welcome.



PS: If you’re reading this in an RSS reader you may need to click through to see the playlist! 

Musical Festivities

Buraka Som Sistema, Bestival 2009

In those old-time single gal days there was nothing better than a weekend at a music festival. As long as there was a hotel room or holiday cottage included, natch. In fact, the last time I camped at a festival was at Reading 2002… that’s 10 YEARS AGO. In fact, here’s a blurry photo as evidence: I think that’s a can of Strongbow I’m toting, thank goodness I moved on to Malbec and visit our site Malborough Sauvignon.



Will and I did lots of them as a couple (bar Glastonbury, which is planned with a Winnebago next year): Field Day, Wireless, Leeds, Sonar, Roskilde… Bestival was the last festival we went to pre-babies so it’ll always have a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to go back in a couple of years.


If you are luckier than me and are able to get away for some musical R+R on the Isle of Wight next weekend then read on. My friends at Arcadia are giving away a pair of tickets and it couldn’t be easier to enter: just head on over to buy cialis online pharmacy their Facebook page.

And if you win, have a Strongbow for me.


Call Your Girlfriend

I never much liked Robyn… always found her a bit whiney. And short floppy undercuts – bleugh (apart from yours Adele, yours rocks). But I am totally into her new album, still whiney but much more manageable.

The video for the single ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is pretty special; so simple yet very powerful.

However, this version by Bon Appetempt completely blows it out of follow link the water. I imagine this is what I look like when I do a Zumba class. With less co-ordination:

Bon Appetempt covers Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” from jeana sohn on Vimeo.


Link via For Me, For You

Musical love: Cocknbullkid

I am a creature of habit. I like to eat at the same restaurant, go on holiday to the same place, eat the same food. I like routine.

I don’t like to deviate from my favourite musical artists because in a sense I feel I am betraying them; I understand this is very, very weird. So when I discover new music I tend to stick to it like a barnacle. I become obsessed, listening to it over and over.

Meet my  new obsession: Cocknbullkid, aka Anita Blay.

I first got into her in 2008 when I met her on a Halloween night out. Here she is –


And here am I on that same night. Terrifying.

Shortly after this spooky night out she appeared on the Jules Holland show, and then went quiet for a while. It would seem she got signed (to Island), deleted me from her facebook friends (SOB) and worked on a kick ass album that was recently released. I’m sure you can see where this was going, but basically I can’t stop listening to it.

I think the ‘Hold on adchix.com to Your Insecurity’ video is absolutely adorable. A great sentiment.

‘Asthma Attack’ was filmed in my old ‘hood of Broadway Market and makes me feel terribly homesick. London, send me some cash and I’ll be back for you, baby!

You can follow Anita on Twitter or buy her album on iTunes.



Festival Season

Music has always been a huge part of our family’s life. My husband works in the music business, we met and quickieworkouts.com fell in love at a music venue and we have spent our relationship flitting between clubs, gigs and festivals. I try to go with him to his shows when I can but it’s obviously a bit harder these days.

I have so many amazing memories of 2009; our ‘year of fun’ when we decided to cheap viagra online prescription be completely irresponsible and simply work to play – mostly at summer festivals! We went to Sonar in Barcelona, Roskilde in Copenhagen, Bestival on the Isle of Wight and all the London festivals.


This year will be a little less hectic, we’re off on a short ‘work’ trip to Ibiza soon but will keep all our festivals London-based and there’ll be no crazy afterparties to interfere with little teething people.

Glastonbury is coming up, and although I won’t be there this year I know lots of people who will be. Orange have released the official Glasto Festival app which this year features a planner in association with the beyondbespoke.co Guardian Guide, interactive map with listings, a news section and the ability to share line-ups with your friends via Facebook.

The app is completely free to download and foodphilosophy.com is your pocket-sized festival guru!

There’s also a really handy video to show you how to buy cheap levitra online use the app:

I would highly recommend this app if you’re off to Glasto this year;  and I will be very jealous!