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the power of me time

The Power of Me Time

When you’re a mum, any kind of mum – single, working, attached, stay at home – alone, or ‘me time’ become incredibly precious. In your new job as caretaker of a little mewling, pooping, vomiting bundle of joy you suddenly become indispensable, the most important person in the world to your offspring.

Getting more sleep

Getting More Sleep

I’ve long bemoaned the fact that I don’t get enough sleep. It’s only within the last 4 months that both my children have started sleeping through the night (it’s horrifying this has taken so long) and they are early risers, too: Elfie was up at 5.45am this morning. Heavy sigh.

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Single Life

Single Parent Positivity

I finally realised how under-represented single parents are in our society when I last upgraded my iPhone’s OS. The Emoji keyboard updates caused celebrations on Social Media because AT LAST! Alternative families were finally represented in teeny tiny cartoon form.

9 Month Pregnant Belly

Talking Bladders: The Last Female Taboo

One of my favourite people on Twitter is MammyWoo, firstly for her hilarious Tweets but also for her VERY accurate profile: I used to be cool, then I had a baby. Now I wee when I sneeze…
Because it’s true. When you have children so many weird and wonderful (but mostly not so wonderful) things happen to your body and you know what? They don’t get spoken about.

Ways You Know You're A Parent

Moments That Make You Feel Like A Mother

I always made the assumption that motherhood would come quite easily to me. By way of being a woman, maternal instinct just happens, yeah?
Imagine my surprise when upon giving birth I realised that the simple act of pushing a child out of one’s hoo hah (or sunroof) does not a mother make.


When Did We Start Hating Our Children?

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed a trend in the world of parent blogging.
Not between bloggers, but bloggers calling their children names. An arsehole, a wanker, a shit. We have a new wave of parent blogs ‘keeping it real’ by being, in my opinion, kind of awful.

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Counting My Motherhood Blessings

I feel so very lucky to be a mother. It might not have happened in the ‘right’ way (at 24 I felt like a teenage mother) and I perhaps haven’t ended up in the ‘perfect’ family situation, however these two little people are my absolute world.
But I find that it’s so easy to get lost in the motherhood fug and forget how fortunate I am to be a parent.