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Ways You Know You're A Parent

Moments That Make You Feel Like A Mother

I always made the assumption that motherhood would come quite easily to me. By way of being a woman, maternal instinct just happens, yeah? Nope.  Imagine my surprise when upon giving birth I realised that the simple act of pushing a child out of one’s hoo hah (or sunroof) does not a mother make. I […]…


Our Summer Holidays

There was a time when I used to dread the summer holidays just a little bit (or a lot). Acres of days stretching ahead of us with endless time to fill – it terrified me. I didn’t know what to do to entertain the children; holiday activity camps were too expensive, they wouldn’t sit still […]…


When Did We Start Hating Our Children?

In the last few weeks I’ve noticed a trend in the world of parent blogging. Namecalling. Not between bloggers, but bloggers calling their children names. An arsehole, a wanker, a shit. We have a new wave of parent blogs ‘keeping it real’ by being, in my opinion, kind of awful. Is it for the LOLs, is it […]…

Motherhood Single Life

Counting My Motherhood Blessings

I feel so very lucky to be a mother. It might not have happened in the ‘right’ way (at 24 I felt like a teenage mother) and I perhaps haven’t ended up in the ‘perfect’ family situation, however these two little people are my absolute world. But I find that it’s so easy to get lost in […]…


Should Children Share A Bedroom?

When I moved house almost two years ago post-separation I got a bit sniffy about downsizing my home. This was in the days when I believed that the size of your house was directly relevant to your happiness, you understand, and not because I was a massive insufferable snob back then (HONEST). But I’d been spending […]…


Becoming Mum

There hasn’t been a lightbulb moment or a bolt from above. But there was a second today when, all of a sudden, I thought – this motherhood thing isn’t hard anymore. It’s taken a couple of years (OR MAYBE ALMOST-FIVE) but I can now truly and honestly say that I think I am a mother. […]…


Mummy’s Day Off

  Recently I sat down, scrolled through my calendar and discovered something slightly shocking. I have not been in my house alone since the 20th September. Furthermore, thanks to Elfie and Hux’s dad working away for a few weeks (and Elfie’s various 2/4/5am antics) I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since 15th November. Factor […]…